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Two female artists in love&lust with yaoi, working on a comic together. :)
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WHAT'S WRONG, FABIO. Have a cruuush?

Actually, no, he doesn't.

Or does he.
@wohdin - it's not April's Fool, we're doing it. ;) In fact, the design isn't that much different - we simply removed their tails and changed their ears to human ones. Of course, the skin will not be patterned anymore, but in b/w it's barely noticble anyway. :)
Hey guys, here comes a surprise... GRACE got humanized! The change is permanent and from now all the characters will be human. We liked anthro, but we decided that we have... grown out of it, as artists, yanno? :3 Hope you guys will get used to and enjoy our new designs soon!
@Toli B - maybe yes, maybe no , we can't reveal too much at the very beginning of the chapter, right? ;)
Just for the record, though - Mikkal is 18 (getting quite close to 19) in this scene. :)

- Miru
....Aaaand there goes page one! We're back to b&w by the way. I really enjoyed having the comic in colour, but it just takes too much of our time. :(

We hope you'll still enjoy it! ♥
And it begins.

But with this page, we finish the Prologue. We'll deliver you the first pages of chapter 2 asap, promise!

Thanks for staying with us despite our busy schedule!

THERE. I'm so sorry for being like... a month late?! Ahaha... Really, guys, I'm sorry! I'll try to finish next (and last!) Prologue page and upload it by the end of next week, and then I promise I'll kick my own butt and work on chapter 2 so you can get much more frequent/regular updates in the future!

March 4th, 2013
Hello there!

This week we probably won't come up with a new page, so have a finished art of Erik and a random guest instead. :) (it will be also viewable in the extras section soon)

Also, thank you for all the nice, recent comments! It's great to know that our readers are still there. :)

- Miru
ch02 Prologue p08
UGHHH GUYS I'M SO SORRY. Finishing my internship and getting a real job is great in general, but not so much for Grace. D: My working hours are killing me, but I finally managed to kick my own ass and finish the page. I promise you won't have to wait that long for the next one, hahaha... ha.

Unfortunately, due to our jobs getting a bit more intense, we won't be able to keep a regular schedule, but we'll do our best to keep the updates coming as often as possible! Especially since we both can't wait to start chapter 2... ;)

Anyways, once again - sorry and thanks for sticking around! Much love! ♥

Hello? Anyone still out there? Yes? Good.

We're sorry for the prolonging hiatus - the reason is, as usual, us being quite busy with our work. But on the bright side - the remaining pages of Ch2 Prologue are inked and they are only waiting for coloring - Majo has promised to take care of it soon.

As for now, have some Erik. We hope he'll compensate for the delay a little (and helps take your minds off Mikkal's dick-father ;) ). Please enjoy!

- Miru
@Quadrant - No, no, it isn't. We're just busier than we had expected and the hiatus has been extending and extending, but don't worry - as soon as Majo colors the page, we'll upload again.

- Miru
@Wolvesinboundary - No, no, the last panel wasn't drawn. ;)
ch02 Prologue p07
Giovanni, you dick.
ch02 Prologue p06
Hey guys! Sorry, I didn't manage to color the page on time, but not to keep you waiting - have a WIP lineart instead! I'll color the page in the upcoming days and replace the file when I'm done. :)

ch02 Prologue p05
Hey guys! Have the late page early. :P Once again, sorry for having to skip a week last Monday! :(

Enjoy. ♥
@Blable - yes, Giovanni has two sons. As for their looks - you'll find out soon. :)

ch02 Prologue p04
Enjoy the new page guys! :)
"Leave? Leave me?! No wai."

Hope you like it, guys!