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@ClareSilver47: Oh my gosh! This is an old, oooold strip that should have been hidden. Thanks to your comment, I can hide it again post-haste. :)

As for the colors thing, I realized that a bit late, yes. Luckily, the newer strips are done with Reach, so we can see the Red is female in shape, and the orange is now golden.

Thanks for your comment!
@ClareSilver47: Whoops! Looks like I messed up auto-updates again. This was supposed to be updated the middle of *2015*.

Nah, it was supposed to be Monday, actually, but looks like I goofed. That means I'm even EARLIER. D:
I am not 100% happy with this strip, but it IS 100% on time. That's, like, 50% satisfaction, right?

I'm terrible at math.

EDIT: Just noticed I updated the wrong version. I'll get to fixing it once I shake off this cold I caught from my brother. Thanks, bro!
While not technically in charge of anyone, Edmund used to be a manager and his bossiness will shine through at times. He's like a dog: if you don't assert yourself from the start, he'll feel obliged to take the position of pack leader for himself.

Basically, Edmund = Team Dad.
November 30th, 2014
I think I'm going to have to go back and put what time it is at the start of each strip. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't think it's clear enough that the exploits of each team is happening at roughly the same time.

For instance, this "Boom!" is the result of the very same one that Surkov greeted with his face two strips back.
@BuddyT: Thank you!
My Photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired, so I hope everyone can tell what's going on here.
Back in the day, it almost never fell to Wilshire to bypass security doors like this. That responsibility was usually held by Roz. The whole team had some small training at it just in case, but none were nearly at her skill level.
@Frost The Wolf: Surprise! More on the way. ^^
THERE. Fixed and updated.
The tricky thing about these two is that they are professionals. They know the drill; there is not much they need to clarify with one another. It can make panel shifts jarring. Hopefully, I avoided that here.
Look at that jerk in panel four. Jumping long distances shouldn't look so easy, Wilshire!
I was all excited about doing accents for these two -- then I realized they've been away from their respective countrymen long enough for their accents to have weakened. >:[

They've also been away from one another long enough for Wilshire to forget his slang is both strange and frightening.
@Voro the Bat: You're awesome for offering. I seem to have everything covered for now, but I'll definitely remember you (and Genshai_) should I ever have a need for more bodies. ^^
...Wow, that sounds weird if taken out of context.
@Voro the Bat:
Well, I can tell you that they'll certainly be involved in the story, but how much or how little you'll have to wait and see. ;D
@Voro the Bat: Anti-magic? There's gotta be an app for that.
@Diamors: It kinda does, doesn't it? It's actually a Covenant Corvette, but one can see where they got their inspiration. I am cheating a little, though; no one knows what a Stealth Corvette looks like, so I'm taking the liberty of assuming it looks like a regular Corvette. XD
@mzpblue: Aw, thanks for noticing. It's my pleasure. ^^
Believe it or not, the hardest part of this strip was designing the radio balloon. The first one was too fancy, the second didn't make it immediately obvious the announcement was coming from the soldiers' radios, the next not fancy enough; I finally settled on this middle-ground though I might not be done tinkering with it. I'm pretty much just figuring everything out as I go, hence the sometimes wacky panel designs.
Thank you kindly, both of you, for the input. I think the color shifts have to do with the lighting, which is actually quite impressive on the developers' part. I actually should be grateful for yet another notch of realism. I guess I just like to whine. =P