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My name is Jared Allen Caruso... I am 21 years old and also tails fan and tails and cosmo fan.. my occupation is Sterile Processing tech at the Georgia Skin And Cancer Center... I also have a website hangout i come to on my spare time.. its called I have 3 call sign i am being called by,, Merrick, Xargos and Ronin.. if you have a Deviantart account.. find me.. the user name for it is RoninHunt0987.. k.. thanks.

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    Jared Allen Caruso
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@Shard: :3 heh i see whatcha did there.. O.o well kinda.. XD but its time to switch scenes finally
XD dang it waluigi
@Shard: here we go... O_o unfortunately i have to wait til monday for the next page.. .w. sigh
@Shard: .w. welp ket is gonna get tortured hard... .w. say hello to PTSD... ain't pretty at all.. .w. frick
@Shard: :3 maybe i foresee characters saying the f-word a lot
@Shard: XD well as ya told me on discord it was the proper moment to use it
@WiispNightmare: XD well it least to be expect heh more characters are probably gonna have the f-word slipout yet this moment was very well proper for it due to the fact the boss there blew up her lil text bubble urgo causing her computer to explode on impact
@Shard: .w. yea seems like everyone is gonna be in the dark... XD plus the first f-word to be said on the comic series
@Shard: O_o uhhhhh... oops.. .w. welp time to upgrade...
@Pinkeevee222: X3 oh lord this is gonna be funneh mini comic
@Shard: i'll take that as a yes... o.o can tell the next installment on my end is gonna be very emotional
@Shard: O_o yea Ket is really gonna have PTSD for sure i just know it.. its a good thing my sonicsona jared got her to open up like i said once Ket finishes what she is goin through and such i am gonna do that next installment but not yet though.. O.o have to get through this chapter first
@Shard: O_o uh oh that doesn't sound good.. yea Ket is gonna have PTSD for sure
@Shard: X3 i also taken notice the comic cover got a major upgrade of animated drawn Ket saying the title
@Shard: -breathes in and then out- okay... round 2... and this time Ket is in a weakened state... lets hope and prey she gets out alive with her skin intact along with her emotional and mentality statuses
@Shard: i knew it.. Damaru is showing guilt... guess i called it on with Damaru feeling guilt and it appears that he is gonna pay for it dearly from Blair