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My name is Jared Allen Caruso... I am 21 years old and also tails fan and tails and cosmo fan.. my occupation is Sterile Processing tech at the Georgia Skin And Cancer Center... I also have a website hangout i come to on my spare time.. its called I have 3 call sign i am being called by,, Merrick, Xargos and Ronin.. if you have a Deviantart account.. find me.. the user name for it is RoninHunt0987.. k.. thanks.

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@Shard: which also means.. XD the new installment of the PTSD of Ket not gonna happen... O.o unless counting her friend Jax being killed in front of her eyes is considered PTSD and if so... .w. means i have to find a new scenero on that... sigh.. .w. welp back to the old drawing board of thinking a new plot for this one installment for this
@Shard: if so... o_o didn't see that coming
@Shard: ohhhhh.... that means that wasn;t the.. real Ket that needed saving... ohhh... RP!ket... she's the real deal isn't she
@Shard: and she is about to go into full pent rage as in go to town on her and force her out of ket just hope niv is able to eject her out when Silvia is out of Ket
@Shard: uh oh I smell rage coming Silvia killed jax
@Dapuffster: .w. jack ya may wanna follow on these selected words here -yells- RUN BITCH!! RUUUUUN!!!!
That must be one of the bad guys
@Shard: ^^; lets hope so i am still need to get that next installment done for ya why do ya think i held it off til i can get confirmation Silvia is out of Ket's body
-facepalm- dammit dawn
@Shard: did she make the fatal blow of get her out of ket... well we'll find out Monday shall we
@Shard: -shrugs- why i asked that because krillin from DBZ abridged asked King Kai if gods can kill themselves thats why i asked if gods and goddesses can get brain damage
@Shard: O_o i just realized Silvana just smacked her head on top boarder title of the comic owch thats gonna give her a concussion and maybe some brain damage... O_o wait can gods and goddesses get brain damage
@Shard: what in the- who is that talking to rp!ket?? Please explain I need more context to this??
@Shard: ^^; Potato pototo

Jared: -my sonicsona as he pokes in- o_o who the f**k says Pototo