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Likes: comics, animation, visual storytelling in general, oceanography, Star Trek, board shorts, and other weird stuff.

Dislikes: people who take stuff waaaay too seriously, spiders, people who focus too much on becoming popular, driving on the freeway, auto-tuned music (with the exception of the Portal theme songs)
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I don't have a proper update this week so here's a stupid comic I made a while ago to tide you over.
My brother was kind enough to draw Thaxter's skull and dog drawings, so big thanks to him for that!
@biffboff: I made a font for free at this site:

it wasn't very difficult at all; I just had to fill in a template then upload it to the site. The fonts it generates are a bit buggy when it comes to quotation marks, but otherwise it's a pretty fantastic resource if you're looking to make a font based off your own handwriting for no cost.
I tried switching over to a font based off my own handwriting. It's a little caps-heavy on this page so some of the spacing is a bit wonky, but tell me what you think!
There's a secret little Easter egg on this page. Can you find it? It might be easier or more difficult to find depending on how your monitor is calibrated.
Soooo yeah. Sorry this page took so long and sorry it flows poorly. I started this page before I went on hiatus, and it was physically painful for me to actually finish this thing. The next couple pages will be better; I promise :)
@GeneralArgument: Curses! You've discovered my plan. You see, I made this comic just for you, specifically. I knew that some day, the great internet warrior known as GeneralArgument would seek out my Smack Jeeves profile and read my comic from start to finish knowing from the start that it would be terrible. Thus as a pre-emptive form of vengeance, I've decided to make my comic as bland as possible to waste your time in particular. I did not write this story for any of the other people on Smack Jeeves, and I most definitely did not write it for my watchers on deviantART. I wrote it for you and you alone.

Now that your time has been wasted and your day has been ruined by this atrocity of a comic, I will sit back in my cushy armchair and stroke my fluffy white cat and laugh like a James Bond villain. Good day, sir!
@GeneralArgument: If it was so awful, why would you even bother reading it until the most recent page? You should have stopped at 1-18 when you first mentioned how terrible it was instead of suffering through 13 pages of more garbage.

I really am flattered that you made an account just to tell me how much you love my comic, though; thank you. ;D
Tried something a wee bit different for the backgrounds of this page. Normally I make 3D models for my backgrounds in Sketchup and just go over screenshots with the straight line tool (lazy as fuck, I know, but it saves time), and I was told that it looked unappealing. In an attempt to make it look a bit more natural and less plastic, I just traced these freehand, hence the wobbly-ass lines. What do you guys think?
@RVB: Thanks for the feedback, though I will admit I'm a bit confused as to why you're mentioning it now because I've been using 3D backgrounds for well over a year now ^^;

Still, you'll be pleased to hear that there won't be any 3D backgrounds in the next page. I'll also do my best to try to make the backgrounds look a little less artificial to see if that helps any. :]
...for now, at least. I currently have a buffer of about two pages, so let's see how long I can keep updating at a regular pace.
Wordy page ahoy!
Had lots of fun drawing all the bold shapes on this one. :)
Well goodness, I'm sorry this page took so long to upload! Classes have been keeping me busy, preventing me from doing much stuff on the web.

To make up for it, though, I've got three additional comic pages ready to upload, which I will post over the next couple Mondays and Thursdays.
WHOOPS, I seem to have neglected this comic for nearly a month yet again. Oh well, it's updated now.
It seems that I forgot to update this comic for a couple weeks. My bad!