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Hi im Moe
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update: December 26, 2014
New comic up!
@RedBaby: Awee I hope you and your boyfriend are doing well! My friend and I aren't dating though, but we're close enough that we might as well be.
Just a filler page for the side-stories
This will have at most 3 parts.

Sometimes things are taken for granted...
About a month ago, we had our first phone call.
Page 2!
He really did call me a stalker, I ignored him for the rest of the day haha.
@SummerWine: Thank you so much!
A comic of my best friend and I.
Q v Q CONGRATS! im happy for you both
= v = i remember this day so well
he tried talking to me and i could hear his mumbling behind me i thought it was funny but then he called me a stalker = A ='' he was so shy

It seriously ended like this though :'D i ignored him throughout the rest of class
QAQ baww dont feel down
im buying one as soon as i get my paypal account
The trio
Ok my Favorite characters are the trio+sir russel/chaken i cant just pick one they are all too awesome

Riona: I love her she's just too cute! her love for pock and her hilarious side fights with jun make me laugh countless times (i re-read all those parts a few good times = v = b ) my favorite is that you made her have a scary voice that didnt match i never expected it xDD

Shichi: She is hilarious and very unique PFF what am i saying all of them are unique. Shichi's expressions are my favorite and her randomness and leadership makes me laugh. My favorite for her is when she was with sir-russel so funny = v = tomato and eggplant/ dad and mom
Jun: HEEE!! silly jun i cant tell if he is smart or not but it cracks me up silly jun getting jealous of sir russel
Chaken: I LOVE HIM THE MOST! *U* a very shy tsundere are my favorites oh silly silly chaken whenever the mention his nickname "sir russel" its just plain hilarious = v = so so biased against jun haha

overall i love the series <3 thank you for the amazing read i look foward to all your next updates O v O b
stupid photoshop = n = quitting on me. Well here is the first page i got lazy after having to restart = v = b the story is just beginning so it might not make sense yet
Episode 1 - Twins
Q v Q please dont expect to much from me its my first comic and i really didnt think much for it yet