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Blue Electric Fish
I dun know what to write here.

But, if you're reading this, hello!
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I looooovvvveeeee this comic/you.

And please do not feel pressured to push this out, please put youtr all or at least half of your all into each page.

Also, this page is pretty.
She looks so sly in the last panel.
I am officially scared of him....

He looks like an angry school teacher...
"OMG people are gonna die- hey, you can't have a lighter! That's against the RULES."

Love this comic BTW....
Uh ohs....
He seems very stressed out in the middle bottom panel...
Awww, he's the only one... that's so cute!!
and, no need to apologize, you grace us with your art and that is enough.

Also: Comment virginity taken.
I wonder what happened in the last panel for him to make that's a great face though.

Also, comment cherry has been popped!
His face in the last panel is the same face I get when...well...pretty much all the time :/

Also: Popped your comment cherry :p
If he knows he's too lazy to walk any where, why would he expect him to walk to the door?

Haha, took the comment virginity again 'cause I'm a comment rapist who takes advantage of multiple posts :p

....I'm done now :/
Ahh, it's nice that she cares so much...

*awaits the reply to her question*
I can seriously *hear* the voice over narration in my head......
Funny that she put it in a language "he understands"....she really does have him pegged....
Ahh, I hate when random appendages hurt...

I seriously cannot get over how pretty all the colours in this are, and how well this goes to gether...this page is soooo pretty!!
I kind of wanted Matt to be screaming "My hand!!!!" as it burned in the sunlight...but no...

Love this, BTW
I like his face in the second panel and the comment "grind more?"

Haha, love this story :)

Edit: Did I get comment virginity???? Wow!!
I love this comic (and I really love your avatar.
Also, love the pic :p

Dun hav much else to say so, carry on.
I want yo bracelet... +_+