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I am very picky about the art I like...
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December 21st, 2018
I love the fuck the police t-shirt
<last panel says Catalia instead of Castalia>

Absolutely LOVE this page!
I think it is something awful...
I think he can now see past the illusions Pandora and Circe put on him.
Warlock means oath breaker. He is the White Witch.
Sing is towards west/sea but copalesence is siren of the south, which is towards the sands?
deprived is the wrong word... you want devoid

this is my favorite page in this chapter so far
she's gonna eat it....
I really think Kane needs a kitty-hug. Also. Still want to punch Circe in the face.
-huggles- feel better, please! That's so much more important than our full Balthazar fix. Much love!

If you need to stay limber without straining, may I suggest sketches?
I know Circes expected him otherwise, but the man loves books. I wouldn't leave off sleeping in a library either!

Also, I love Cat-talia! A true pirate kitty!
The husband and wife are the best duo here. I love this page, Deda!

I want that to be Martin's mama...

I have the print copy of Paradox, with the wonderful art maturing and now I get more matured art Paradox? Wonderousness! I love all of your works and shall continue to support everything of yours that I can on Patreon.

Edit: just so everyone's clear, by art, I mean storytelling and drawing and coloring