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The game may have its flaws, but I'm enjoying it so far. They made eevee darn cute.

...Though I've gotten into a bad habit of just spamming pay day with my mew on every trainer battle to rake in money. >A> To make up for my bad aim. /cough

And on the note of the actual topic of the game; I haven't figured that one out either. xD Seems as good of a reason as any thus far.
The fact that you're accomplishing so much at all says volumes. I'd say take care of your health and do what you need to prepare yourself rather than stressing over rapid-fire updates.

I can't speak for others, but I've kept an eye on this for a long time now and it's remained in my bookmarks even during the dryspell. You're doing interesting things and your environments are lovely.

Hrm, guess what I'm trying to say is keep up the awesome work, but be sure to care for yourself first and foremost. (And Growlithe is one of my top favorite pokemon...That also has something to do with my interest, admittedly. :) )
I just love your humor. It never fails to amuse me. This page made me laugh and then a good chuckle. Thanks for that. Glad to see more of the story, as always.
I have actually had to pull out my dachshund, Pixel, out of the couch like a lost remote. All I could see was her dang nose/muzzle. She looked at me like I was crazy after I pulled her out. :T I'm not even sure how exactly she sunk down in that deep between the cushions.
My dog, Pixel, used to get me in the nose. ;x; It always felt like she practically reached my brain. It was awful. Thankfully, she seems to have outgrown that habit. XD
For my N64, the only two games I ever owned on it were Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora's Mask. I have NO issues at all if Breath of the Wild is the only game I end up getting for the Switch. I'll play the TAR out of it. XD
In a lot of ways, I was sad to think that this was then end of what we'd see of Kane. I'm glad to hear that we will get the occasional treat of short stories with him and his crew. This story has only continued to grow on me over the years as I've watched it. I absolutely love your talent and how much you've grown in developing so many different styles.

And on that note, I'm excited to see what will come of this new Cain. :3 Glad you're continuing on with more comics. Your writing impresses me as well as your skill in drawing. I hope you get to continue weaving stories for however long you wish to be doing so. I hope this year treats you well! Thank you for sharing all you do!
Hey, just be glad you don't work with silk flowers. For the Christmas stuff, it's been nothing but glitter EVERYwhere. On the ribbon, flowers, filler, picks....all of it. ;A; I even find it in my bed...AFTER I've showered. Wah.
Goodness this is so disturbing and true all at the same time. XD Someone call a medic! Or at least bring sweets and a good book/game.
Throughout the time that I've read over your comic, there are many days that you have hit so terribly close to home. It's interesting to know that I'm not the only one who feels the way I do.

When I graduated from college, I've not truly finished a piece of art since. The details at this time are not important to you, but this strip definitely strikes a cord. I do not know the right answers to this struggle, but I keep getting told to 'not give up'.

You are leagues ahead of where I am at and so I hope you are able to keep on plugging through this mire you are in. Your doodles and growth are a pleasure to see. The sorrows your life has handed you recently, I can sympathize with in varying degrees. And though you are feeling down about creating, just know that there are people in the world (internet?) that wish to see what you have to share. That is a goal I have for myself; to share my creations and stories with people. I like comics because they can influence people in so many, many ways. Joy, tears, tension, provoking thought, and many other results happen from art. Artist have done this for me, and I wish to return the favor one day.

As I said, I do not have the correct solution, but I do hope you are able to get back up in spirit. :) Best wishes and luck.
I just love this page. It made me smile at the end of a rough day too. :) As always, your work is great and an inspiration.
November 23rd, 2015
Please excuse my dragging feet on drawing this. Just something I'll have to push through. Inconsistencies are probably going to happen as well. Hopefully things will fall into place eventually.
November 4th, 2015
This one I drew up a while back. Probably will take some time to get back into the swing of things. The style is likely to shift quite a bit too. We'll see how things go.

For now, this arc starts out with a new character!
October 10th, 2015
Get back to work!
Well, I'm surely not dead. Though I might feel like it some days. I've avoided drawing up more strips the last few months. Just fighting with life.

After the end of October, instead of daily drawings I will be working on weekly strips of these guys once again. If I can keep up with a weekly pace, I may try stepping it up in updates once a buffer is built.

Keep your eyes open! And if you're interested in other sorts of updates on what I manage to share, check out my tumblr at:
Well, I've said before and I shall say it again; I follow this comic because I am interested in seeing where it goes.

I am usually quiet, but I do still check this comic often. It's one of the ones that I have on a list that I check periodically. You can't please everyone, but do what you feel is best.

And good luck with your computer troubles. I know they're never fun. :(
Take Your Time
I hope you feel better soon. You're a wonderful artist, and taking care of yourself should come first. If you damage yourself to the point of no repair, you'd no longer be able to share your lovely work. Best wishes. :)
And so ends the Movement arc. What's next you wonder? Tune in Tuesday to find out!
Very nice. Loved the style, colors, story--all of it! Thank you for putting this together and sharing it.
Better late than never, right!? At least it's still Tues. >A> Few things were giving me some trouble.

I also got carried off by chocobos over the weekend. And Good King Moggle Mog XII had me in his company Monday.

....."Kupdi Koop will throw you for a loop..."