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Wow finally
Yay I did a page even if it sucks
Hopefully you like it. QuQ
Omg! This is so cute! You draw everyone amazingly!!!!
omggggg cuties!
um its a bad image source
Omg its so cute!!!
Yay another ginger freckle nurse cutie!
Sorry it's sucks QAQ
Name: isaac Schneider
Age: 29
Expertise: surgeon.
Height: 5 foot 8 inches (again I'm sorry for not converting)
Bio: isaac is a sweet man. He can be nice to everyone. He loves being a surgeon. Though it is a bloody mess. He loves to help people heal so they won't be in so much pain. He can be really spurious though at times. When he's a bout to do a big surgery don't expect him to be happy go lucky. He has to focus so most likey he'll ignore you. Other than that he's a good guy.

Addition fact:
-hair is a dark brown.
-eyes a light blue
-skin is a light light tan.
Name: Kayla Blake
Age: 27
Height: 5 Foot 7 inches (Sorry i didnt convert QAQ)
Expertise: Nurse
Bio: Kayla is a sweet girl. She keeps to herself lightly. She should really learn to speak up sometimes though. the opposite sex makes her embarrassed and she really doesnt speak. So ya dont feel offended guys ahaha
ahh i need to post a page with ellie QAQ
omg. i love this sooo much
@Bakanekochan: omg thnk you! i try very hard!
@Mr. LOL: ahaha thank you so much!
Hi! Hello!
Name: Ellie Johnson
Height: 5 foot 3 inches (she small or 5 foot 6 inches in heals)
Job: entertainer (singer dancer stuff like that)
Likes: singing broadway songs, dancing and wearing really high heals, and bitter food.
Dislikes: sweets, people stealing her spot light and people making fun of her height.
Bio: she's a showing off type of girl. She loves all the attention on her. She loves wearing things to make people look at her. She sings and dances She can be nice if you get to know her. She doesn't like to make people feel bad so if she does she'll feels so bad.

Hope everyone can get along. This is gonna be fun!
@TheLazyBassist: i have and i am looking forward to working with all you wonderful people!
this collab is all sorts of cute!
@Cute2KnowU: No you're not! :) just send a picture of your character/s and apply! We'd be so happy if you applied!!!
Queen bee
Name: Francine (Fanky) Wolff
Age: 22
Year: Senior
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Major: English
Like: Being adored, shopping, Writting, and doing her make up.
Dislikes: Little sister (Tiffany), Spicy food, and being ignored.
Bio: Franky is a very girly girl. Tiffany and her dont speak often but when they do its like "Stupid, bitch, slut dumb ass' Ya so she feels like the "queen bee" of the school. She likes having all the attention. Hopefully some one will knock some sense into this girl . XD