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Greetings, I am I8cherrypie.
I am currently in develop of a comic that I will hope one day come. Got a lot of planning to do before that.
Errol needs a dispencer here
I just noticed Errol is carrying a TF2 Bonk Bat.
Is Mann CO. behind all of this?!
Saxon Hale, I'm on to you....
Holy free holy, what a huge building and what a magnificant marble statue and fountains.
Coincidentally the pizza guy arrives and sees Anne naked.
Hilarity ensures.
I guessing Isabel knows that she was being spied all along and is making Jason drop his guard by walking around. Once Isabel get the chance: "ZAP".

Get well soon Able,
From: Another sick person
"Huh, what was that noise?"

Ah, I love a good MGS reference.
Hehehe, The Orange Box... 8D
Literacy of course!
Knowledge is power!
Oh she's good...
So Isabel knows Jason's secret...
Hmm...I wonder how she figured it out.
Thank goodness they got that on camera.
Imagine how difficult it would be for Jennet to explain to the studio that she's now a young gazelle.
Sh*t Just Got Real!
Lovely page. I love how there's tention in the story after a humours page.