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♥ I just caught up with the new pages. I love this comic--the humor is always perfect.
That was scary for both of them. I'm glad it passed and Louis can breathe easily again.
I love all the honesty and trust in this chapter (and close proximity and stifled laughter).
I love it! I like seeing the inner turmoil Louis is experiencing. I enjoyed the sudden switch in mood- it hit so fast and then was forced to return to 'normal' by having John enter. Louis is so shaken up but manages to act fine so quickly- it makes me wonder how often he experiences this.
I'm grinning like an idiot over here- this was adorable and I think Daniel is going to break. I don't think Louis has ever done something like this before to him and it's really fun to watch ^^. (i'm working on my entry for the contest- working with watercolors is difficult + I can't draw people well- but it's something)
It's not boring at all! They're adorable-- I mean look at Daniel's face. I like his character a lot.
Daniel's face in that hug though. He's so cute.

And Louis just looks so stressed out from thinking about it all.
D seems nice. The menacing aura had me worried for a second there.
I completely forgot about this comic. I read it again and I like it alot ^^. The change in art style is nice. And the characters are interesting.
I just never know what to say..but I really like the doujin!
I really like this explanation of their features. Clever the effects of it too.
I love Page's reaction...or lack of one. XD
-now hooked on comic-
Foolproof, huh...I wonder.

I love the emphasis used here and on previous strips; makes it even more humorous.
Poor Patrick needs some sleep. XD
I find this comic so funny and entertaining. Your art style is amazing too!