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I like gaming, reading, movies, and being awesome.
I like Luigi, Meta, Link, Green (color), Typhlosion, Dinosaur Comics, and many other things, so yeah, ummmm I have a web comic, I go on TV Tropes, I do things, so yeah, you still readin' this okay good.
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    Okay if n is in my 1st name what is my name solve for x
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Oh dear lord, I am frightened for Nightmare.
@clasby333: I realize all this but I always forget to check. Also I wanted to make him talk in all caps because he is always talking in a very loud robotic voice, I mean he has to talk over a jet engine. Thank you. And thank you for voicing your concern over these things that could make this better.
Nice avatar
@Author Doo
Hey man don't go creating giant Kirby attacks out of no where I mean you gave him some time but is it enough?
I know it's a joke. but you could always make a secretary.
I surprisingly still do though.
yay a new fan!!!

*EDIT* sorry for being so vulgar I was tired.
Hey everyone I'm not dead anymore.
No Alt Text It is late and BLUH.
@virtualboy2558: In the original Mario always was Super Mario but had a curse placed on him making him the Mario at the beginning the only cure was Mushrooms. The rest has no logic.
Forgetting Aether guys.
@jarkes: I know man. I just kinda wanted to write that message or something.
@jarkes: No thats Portuguese dude and that is how he thinks 'cause o' Marx.
No one gonna guess? Well whatever I won't be updating for a bit but if you see a guest mentalknight it's prolly me.
So that was the ghost of his dad in the first comic?
@BattleStarX: I go there all the times to get to spriter's resource because im to lazy to type that in the search bar.
All will be explained in time. But anyone wanna guess who escaped?
Also alt text makes ya wonder what i mean, right?