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@Bubungus: aww thank you! thats very sweet
idk why this page took me so long
@johnny: thank u! im glad u like it lol i also yell everytime whn i update this comic
@Pikarayu: Thank you!!! Im gonna honestly frame this bc this comment made me rly happy I always love reading your comments even if its just one word it gives me courage to keep drawin my dumb pages lol this comic is gonna keep being a thing till idk... i did everything i wanted to do (i got two more seasons in mind maybe even three but im not sure!) so yeah i hope ull stay till the end lol if not thts fine too but thank u for being a fan for such a long time its. Honestly. Iconic.
yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.............thanks for readin s1 its been already like 2years since this comic came out lol how iconic
last chapter for this .....season? season 1? this was actually the original ending for this comic before i ended up gettin new ideas lol
let us all ignore the losers arm
there it fuckn is .......after 18 chapters....its here
@Vanilla The Witch: im just too powerful
@SolidVACUJ: who says it already didnt win an award for best drama....
nice ppl dont put pretty ppl in jail
shes like flippin the table
hes speakin englishs