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@Unclever title: Nah,this must be george's distaff player character counterpart. Locks don't work on player characters unless they're plot relevant locks.

Notice how atty was unable to get by that lemonaide guy? If george gives him one he'll say, "golly kid. that hits the spot." and let her right through i bet.
he's gonna use the pokemon he stole i'll bet...
so you've graduated now, right? ¬_¬

are there further endeavors somewhere else?
even with the fire sources, it'll take eyes a bit to adjust (besides complete dark is far funnier).

Also, people may be spot on about upsetting abel. He has access to a machine that can logically create an infinite number of copies of trainer's massively powerful pokemon limited only by the amount of energy he has on hand. And there are an absurd number of pokemon capable of generating crazy amounts of energy.

Sure a swarm of bugs is scary. How about a swarm of garydos?
guys, this is a girl that pulled atty through a dozen people's private residences "exploring".

She's just acting on the same thoughtless video game protagonist logic she always has. The seams are just showing as she gets more screentime.
@Doutonbori Robo: I like that theory. 4 years ago she got bill arrested as a side effect of breaking into his house and borrowing the shower. Somebody got suspicious when he had kids clothes lying around was denying everything... It would explain why abel is so friggen nervous on that topic...
@NaginiFay: yeah i mean he just puts her into vicious fights with other peoples pets for money...
October 2nd, 2014
ah hey, i typically thoroughly enjoy your comic, but these last two pages feel a bit cheesy..
@holyhandgrenade, well of course her head is full of pokeballs. she needs to store them somewhere. All things considered, that's probably the best option...
... ten years down the line, george finally comes to the inveitable conclusion, her the only feasible method of completing her goal lies in genocide. Just look at that sith face in the last panel.

Darth vader may have terrorized a galaxy, but no one on earth has anywhere else to run.
@bobbananaville: Normally yes, but team rocket's the other half of an argument that you've only heard one side of. And pokemon is already something of a might makes right meritocracy...
@Kelloe: yeah, but ash is basically immortal. if you're going off his age, he gains a year every 15 or so...
wow, i'd almost forgotten that atty's quest for money was indicated quite a while back now. Interesting.

This is gonna make Khan an enemy down the line i'd wager...
@RASP: it doesn't hurt that the gift he has to offer her is for all intents a ticking bomb as far as he knows
@Quarg: magikarp needs to survive the explosion in order to level up. A single one of those hits would theoretically ace em...
I feel like holy might stick to the mechanics of the game a bit more and have a cavalcade of chaotically random moves instead of one synced blast.
@Snuggleshrub: Sounds cool
@ae0n: Atty isn't much of a threat physically from what we've seen. He's probably hoping thad sticks to script.
@Snuggleshrub: he's more of a Bacchus satyr than a Tumnus satyr...

Also sadness. The keenspace archives for pointless seem have finally gone down.
February 15th, 2014
Are you going to go back and change it in the earlier one? It's a little jarring...