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Like probably 99.99999% of the population on this site, I like reading and drawing manga, and being VERY creative about stories. Like 100% of the site population i like comedy. Oh, and i like ice-cream with sprinkles.
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Oh. MY. GOD.
I just found this comic, and I absolutely love it! Greek mythology, indeed!
I love the different characterization and your different take on the story!
Keep on this lovely comic! :D
lol @ Ares XD
how old is Nicoli, then?!
Kenneth, come out!
........yes I am in the club "KennethxBeth and Lawrence stay out!" :3
lovely art as always too <3
Oh.......that comment that Castalia made- did she rescue him when he was younger? How intriguing...
....and yes Kane, Doc Wessy here was the stupidest out of all of them with his girl! >8)
goes back to the oldest chapters and let the feels come back TT_TT
Eos! D8
Omfg Cronus stop stealing young winged girls >8(
According to mythology, the very Titans that served Cronus in the Titan War were banished to Tartarus alongside Cronus.
It makes me very sad to hear that this is how they truly feel, and where they will end up TT_TT
Oh my god, please be alright Ahr! Q_Q
on another note- *waving pompoms for Ahr
well, running naked after your heartbroken girlfriend in a forest with branches whupping your ass/jewels is just a whole new level of torture...
Kane, stop moping; we all love you, even if you ARE a meddlesome pirate!
Ahr, stop being a mermaid and run after her!!!
other than that, I love this comic
my goodness...
so Nicoli is afraid of the water, huh?
Something traumatic happened to her? I bet it has something to do with Circe.
Oh jeebies, at least Nicoli and Pifo agree on one thing: lucky Mama Castalia indeed XD
she made all three Pirates blush like shoujo schoolgirls...
that's a record :P
I love how the guys are acting exactly like Castalia and her sisters when they see a naked man's willy...or his ass XD
inception? :3
hey, it COUL|D happen!
oh god, I feel like crying on these last few pages
Lol I love Cat's comments
oh crap I have a feeling things are going to get fugly ugly D8
you could've just used the excuse Wes has!
on the other hand, it probably wouldn't work anyway, considering what Cat said lol
I spy two breaking cracks in the fourth wall >:)
"cucumberfest!" lol are one of the best comic characters in existence there ever was XD