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My name is Aaron.

I'm an adult male from a metropolitan area. I write, draw, cook, and crochet. I'm quite opinionated and very married. I'm also unemployed and do commissions of sorts.

Comment freely; I love reading everyone's input.

---None of my links are safe for the underage and prudes to zoom around, so it's all at your own risk.---
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laughing for a million years

look at that fucking face it's making
Mokepon and Pictures of You exist in the same universe. SJ is a magical place.
I had to draw it because it's actually transitional, but I can't even explain why I do not like this page at all, so it's just incredibly half assed. Couldn't bring myself to doing this page.

I'll eventually draw it over for aesthetic stability, but for now, crappy scribbles.
Just a heads up.
This is the chapter all the art and styling will fluctuate wildly.
@Nogan44: Mostly a retelling with minor bits of parody.
Final prologue page.
Here it is.

Chapter 1 will pick up July 9th, 2012. (Sooner, if I complete my buffer before then.)

I get that these few pages may be confusing and vague if you're not a brain cell of mine, so here's an explanation. For fans of Lunar who are baffled, the prologue surrounds Althena, Dyne, and Ghaleon. This is based on the sequence from SSSC.

For those that are new to Lunar, Althena is a goddess (which will be mentioned several times), Dyne is the Dragon Master that serves to protect her, and Ghaleon is a friend of Dyne's. More will be revealed.
Dragon master armor is modeled after Varangian chainmail.

Vile Tribe members now have distinguishable traits other than red eyes and pointy ears. Changes include forked ears, elongated necks and limbs, and lanky.
Dude, I just started reading this comic and it's fucking fantastic.
And pages will eventually follow.

If you hate ads, use ablock plus.
Holy crap. I thought this review group was dead.

Moar reviews plox
Bro, I wish I could lend you a hand, but I'm in the same boat. Good luck. Keep up the good work and don't lose hope.
I didn't want to leave a comment on that article because I don't want to get an AOL account.

I do, however, agree with her. I can't respect a comic that has characters who are promiscuous for no reason. I'm completely alright with sexual liberation, but in most comics, writers and artists depict all super heroines as empty flat characters, not intellectual and/or depthy (and if they decide to, they go Frank Miller and throw rape and prostitution around, which he doesn't seem to understand at all, and it's disgusting). It's incredibly common and incredibly uncreative. There are few exceptions.

It's been going on for fifty years, getting steadily worse each year. :/ Sadly, this isn't as bad as it'll become... I just boycott the comics and artists that portray that crap.
His arm is really short, like, weird.

Also, most guns don't need to be cocked before shooting. It serves no purpose other than to show hesitation.

I think... he's holding a flare gun. Really.