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January 24th, 2014
I like this comic! Congrats, you just got yourself a fan.
Jeei, jatkoa! >w<
Oi, Nuttu on niin suloinen, raukka. ♥
Kerrankin sarjakuva jossa rival ei ole mikään "HOHOHO I'M A PAHIS BITCH" -tyyppi vaan tuollainen, noh, mukava jätkä. Niitä kun on ollut melkein joka Nuzlockessa mitä olen lukenut. |D
@Shakyo: Wahaha, that's good then, now I know that your memory is still working xD
Yeah, I'd buy a Mudkip plush for myself if I'd just find one! >w< And you've gotten just better and better at drawing! I'm jealous Q__Q
Keep up the good work!
Too bad you didn't get the Abra :( At least you got a Whismur! And oh, Dero evolved. He's über cute! >w<;;
In the third last panel, I read that that old man's name is Britney. And in the next panel, I read "He's a nice old woman". Wtf. D: Does this mean something.
Btw. I'm the same person as Koirazii, if you remember. \o/
My favourite character is...
LEY. Ley all the way! I love her >w< She's just so beautiful and I.. I feel bad for her, because.. yeah. ;u; I hope that she'll find the right boy for her someday (or girl, if she likes both). And on top of that, Ley has attitude! Sometimes she reminds me of Toradora's Taiga, which I especially like!

But, but. It was hard to decide my favourite character, because I like them all. >w< The tomato head, Riona, Shichi and Jun.. GRAAAH I LOVE THE WHOLE SERIES! THE HUMOUR, THE STORYLINE, THE CHARACTERS, EVERYTHING!! And also the homey feeling what you get from reading this. <3 Yup, I read this every time I'm upset or in bad mood, it's just so reassuring.. :'3

♥: Renata