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January 17th, 2014
Ugh. Poor Raine. I really don't like how the mother shows such obvious favoritism. I keep liking her less and less.
November 23rd, 2013
I'm always happy when you update!
June 30th, 2013
I'm just glad you're back!
I think the coloring Isn't strange at all, and I don't mind wordy pages.
You're doing a fantastic job!
June 15th, 2013
I really love your new art style! Also the coloring Is great, so no need to worry about It being a rushed job.
Love June's face in the second panel. On another note, I have a feeling Raine is going to be ambushed by that Misfit from before. I wonder what his name is.
December 26th, 2012
I have a feeling It has to do with Raine.
December 25th, 2012
I wonder If June can actually keep that promise.
I've been reading your comic for some time now and thought that It's about time I comment. I really love your comic and hope to see more from you. By the way,does that misfit from before not like Raine or something? It seemed like maybe he was picking on him on purpose.
Something that I've been wondering about is if there are any women in this Aztec tribe. Would you care to enlighten me?
Raine does seem the type to like older women.
I think Atty looks cute with his current hairstyle and anyway, his hair isn't even all that long.
I agree with xNillx about seeing Tezcatlopoca and Itztli in an intimate but still erotic ecounter.
Thad, Why do you work for team rocket? I mean, you don't seem to enjoy your job of stalking children. How'd you come to work for them?

Trix:What did you and Thad look like as kids?
Even If Dragonthing roasts all the Caterpie, how's he going to get untied?