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So much!
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I was once very well known for hiding under tables at parties. I still get the urge to do that at work!
Is Husband cursing at snow the best thing that happened next?

Also, I yelled and cursed at the snow the last time I dealt with it too, so I completely relate here :D
I miss the comic and I'm holding in the *SQUEE* for when my book arrives!
Toilet paper should always come from under the roll not over it, otherwise when you get up in the middle of the night you're just spinning the roll in the dark looking for the end.
FCBD is one of those days that I'm thankful my sinuses are so bad that I usually can't smell anything. Except heavy ladies perfume, that kills me :(
NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise!... Surprise and fear... fear and surprise... Our two weapons are fear and surprise... and ruthless efficiency! Our three weapons are fear, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency... and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope... Our four... no... Amongst our weapons... Hmf... Amongst our weaponry... are such elements as fear, surpr... I'll come in again.
Gibson, after everything that went on here and in the comic you REALLY deserve a break. Go kick back and don't think about it for a few days!
Well, I'm glad to hear there was no blood! I can't imagine what led up to this but it had a happy ending
@Lleyn: This was meant to be my half-assed, long winded apology for doing exactly that. I think it's a very human thing to take something and relate it to your own experiences. It's something we all do to comprehend what is happening. I was merely trying to explain why I had felt the way I did and why I have kind of changed my tune. Obviously, I shouldn't post before my coffee, and especially not about stuff that brings back old pain. Sorry about that, and sorry to Gibson for adding to the problem.
I've tried to not post a lot about what I think is going on, I've kind of failed at that but I know I had a tendency to side with Sam. I was in a situation like this with my husband some years back. He worked with a girl and they were friends, which was okay. Until the day she started calling our house just wanting to make sure he was going to be working that day, showing up at every single show his band played not wearing a bra (and she was incredibly well endowed) and even though she had a boyfriend (my husband had actually gone to high school with him and they were friends) she would ignore him and faun all over my husband at every chance, pushing me out of the way to stand up front and dance for him. I tried and tried to hold my tongue about it until she was at our apartment for a party with some other people he worked with and another girl started talking about her massive crush on him. Being full of alcohol, I saw red and made a scene about it, calling her out on everything in front of everyone and throwing them all out. The next day she went to him and said I really hurt her feelings and I should apologize. I felt bad for embarassing him so at the next show I did apologize. Then when her boyfriend picked up an old shirt that belonged to my husband and put it on, she decided that was time to give him a lapdance while screaming "this is so hot, I'm getting you both mixed up in my mind" while I was sitting right next to them. I restrained myself but the next day demanded that they not speak to each other again and said if I saw her again I'd break her face. This started a massive fight with my husband saying she had never done any of those things, she never hit on him and it wouldn't matter if she did because he was with me. I said it doesn't matter, she can't be doing those things in front of me and her own boyfriend. Things did not get better for awhile but she got fired shortly thereafter and after a few weeks of me not accepting her phone calls, she stopped calling us and disappeared. I know that I had slightly more provocation than Sam did, but so many years later I know that my behavior was unacceptable. My husband is still in denial about the whole thing, and I still insist she was a c*** so we just don't talk about her anymore. As far as Lauren and Sam goes, some wrong was done on both sides but Sam really crossed a line tonight, just like I would have done if I had grabbed that girl by the hair and slammed her face into the bar like I wanted to. Sam has Christo whispering things in his ear and making things worse too, so yes he is very much at fault too. I'm interested to see the reaction they both have to Lauren giving it to them like this, they kinda deserve it.
I have been taking fistfulls of Vitamin C and B just to avoid this myself. Not Husband taking over TPR, but the guy who replaces me at work when I can't be there is a numbskull. I hope you get better soon Rori, being sick sucks :(
I'm really hoping that someone over heard that and comes crashing down on his head with a full coffee pot. Or at least Kara notices and gives him an earful. The urge to strip him of his douche-fur is only getting stronger.
I have more than a small urge to rip his douchey little goatee off his smug bastard face. But that's just me.
You are so much braver than I. Now you have to make temporary tattoos for everyone so we can match! Was that creepy? I feel like it was creepy. ;)
Good thing Pink is my color :D
I kinda want to know what color you're planning to make that tshirt. Anything but white and I may have to save up a little extra and increase my pledge! Or do it anyway to see someone get her TPR tattoo ;) I love TPR, I confess to checking it regularly during your hiatus so I really want you to reach your goal!
I used to have a journal like that. It was just angry ranting. A place for my venting and not so much how I really felt. This is going to blow up in poor Wiley's face, I'm sure of it.
I just laughed so hard I cried a little. Or was it peed...maybe it was both. Either way, yay! I miss the funny :D
This makes me happy enough that I can go to bed now! Yay!
@Lunair: Gibson was taking photo submissions of people who wanted to be drawn into the book. Because so many people responded, he's had to close submissions or not everyone will get in.