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Hater seems to be a term you use for anyone who doesn't like your comics. Smackjeeves might not restrict to types of comics, but it doesn't change the fact that your comic is still shit. And the whole "You can't judge me if I can't see that you can do better" is a pisspoor arguement at best. You don't have to be good at something to critique it.

The problem is not the type of webcomic; it is that you have done a terrible job of it. You can barely write or construct sentences properly, which makes it hard to read. Character's mouths don't move when they talk, and their facial expressions rarely match the tone of confusing mispelled, ungrammatical word jargon they spew. The only parts where they do, you have ripped directly from the show. Characters are bland, and the story is, for want of a better word, boring.

In other words (that won't damage your easily bruisible ego as much): your webcomic needs some work and you should be more accepting of criticism.