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I'm boring, don't pay attention to the person behind the curtain. Read the comics instead.
Is Jason a kitten? Just grab him by the scruff and he goes all "oh okay." lol
September 18th, 2019
September 18th, 2019
@Darkhalo4321: When they're present anyways lol, thanks pal!
Hehe nice callback
Tone to-tone tone TOOOOONES!
nose boop is great, just boop your friend on the nose
It's fine. Everything's fine.
Oof. OOF. OUCH! love the expressions O_o <3
This is gorgeous and wonderful and Hero is so innovative! But all I can do is laugh like a hyena at "Feef"
Gosh DANG this page is pretty AF
I was all set and ready to post yesterday and then this huge friggen lightning storm comes screeching in destroying the internet for the rest of the dang day, so that was fun! -_-
Anyways I'm lazy and only have two pages done. Oof. Pray 4 me.
I don't think I like that 16 16 16 there... I also am a paranoid gremlin so there's that.
@SpazztastiKim: Just randomly yell it, scaring the wits out of Melodie X'D
"uuuuhhhh CUTE THING HAPPENED! Let's talk about that!" -Jason 2019
Again, using one of Banzai's zeebs for my own personal gain.
Special thanks to a certain Magister for the oddly appropriate joke. 😘
"Lark, buddy, use that brain of yours please"
he's so dense I love him so much X'D
Easy does it kiddo. lol
Right! Good ideas, can I do both?
Chapter should be called "Calling Each Other Out" pfft. Poor things.
Call em out Linke. Also she looks badass and I love all of this.