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I'm boring, don't pay attention to the person behind the curtain. Read the comics instead.
Soft touch for soft boi
@Darkhalo4321: Dangit Halo X'D
@Ralend: Yay for random updates!
I got Chain of Memories randomly because, and I'm not joking, my family thought: Disney combined with Anime? Seems legit.
BOI quit your judgin'
i'm doomed. these cute kids are gonna kill my feels.
Kick his butt bby!
That establishing shot! Hot dang that's pretty!!
November 10th, 2018
@Darkhalo4321: Poor bbys X'D
Soft boi
Bless your face lil buddy. I'm not very great at chess either ^^;
Oh, me too Link. ME TOO.
bless. poor guy :C
@Darkhalo4321: Poor thing does need a hug X'D
@Darkhalo4321: Me too... A lot X'D
That pun made me cringe. Well done.
early update because this is a pretty plain page
Yay nightmares 8T