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I'm boring, don't pay attention to the person behind the curtain. Read the comics instead.
Oh, me too Link. ME TOO.
bless. poor guy :C
@Darkhalo4321: Poor thing does need a hug X'D
@Darkhalo4321: Me too... A lot X'D
That pun made me cringe. Well done.
early update because this is a pretty plain page
Yay nightmares 8T
Dang this is pretty!!
"I have plenty of bite, I just like barking more..."
✨✨✨キラキラ✨✨ such anime
@Darkhalo4321: Yeah, that wasn't a very fun summer.
Said it before, say it again: She is precious as heck.
@Darkhalo4321: references saved my tail ^^; thank you!!
... okay that is pretty "neat"
UHHHH you may hate those backgrounds but HOT DANG THEY LOOK GOOD! 8T
Jason being salty is fabulous btw
Bright page
Dang that's bright! I'm also stupidly proud of this bright as Dante's Paradiso page. (seriously what is with that book and light?)
Once a month is my update goal if Hell-mart actually lets me draw every once in a while.
Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!!
@Uncle Allen: I'm surprised it took you THIS LONG to make that joke.