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My comic work will come slow or in bunches when I update, due to my new job as a laundry person for an Inn.

[-Working On-]
The Original Comics:
Holy Child
Ask the Bunny
Trancefer Stone

Fan Comics/Doujinshi/Half Original(insert self):
Someday Home - Undertale collab fancomic
Homestuck (slash)
South Park (all love)
Sonic X (all love)

Finished Comics:
Kiss The Frog
Thanks For Giving
My half of the Harvest Moon Yaoi Book (part 1)
Honeybun (part 1)
Double Real House - Crayon Shin-Chan fancomic
Drew the Robin-boys for this Halloween pic, with Jason and Dick in 1920s fashion(Jason as a gangster, and Dick as a flapper), Tim in a 1950s dress, and Damian sporting an altered Minnie Mouse costume that used both the adult(sexy?) and child styles, with some spooky Halloween colors that Xiaa picked out to give it more of its own style. She also helped with touching this piece up a bit, so thank you a lot for that~! =3

Have a great Halloween, you guys~!!!
@SdayxtheEchidana: Yes. It is. Because I am.

p.s. Its also in the disclaimer on the site itself. Slash = BL/GL/gay relationships abound.
This is part 1 of a mini series I'll be doing, with segments of Gamzee and Dave bonding and growing up together in an AU-world where SBURB isn't a thing and trolls and humans live together on the same planet.

There will be other relationships going on, but the main focus is pale Gamzee x Dave.
It maybe the end of this comic, but a sequel is in the works~!
Fun fact: When coming up with the idea for this comic, and the ribbon knot portion popped up, I wasn't even thinking about the [s] Collide animation until I was actually drawing page one. Now it fits too well in the canon-verse.
28th Birthday Today
This is a 3 paged omake that my friend, Xiaa, colored as a birthday present. Thanks again for your hard work~!
The End
And that's it on the Taichi x Koushirou comic. Sorry, nothing more graphic then that. They *are* kids, after all. XD
Fake Page 007
Made this single image for a friend, who made this comment after showing her page 006. XD Thought it was too funny to just leave out.

First Kiss
A new comic, that was actually an old sketch I drew on tiny notebook paper, and now finally making official.

This is a Taichi x Koushirou, with a cameo of Junpei x Kouji from Digimon Frontier/04. Enjoy!
Check the *News* post for more information on what's to come~!
Same as Little Reminder--this was made for an older fic of mine. Read it here if you'd like;
This was actually drawn up for a fic I wrote a while back, and just re-edited a bit to post up on AO3.

You can read it here;
@BuddyT: I would love it if that could happen. XD
@BuddyT: That they are. =D
This comic was made back in April of 2015, but took me much longer to finish coloring due to the amount of black and white shading I had to do that didn't agree with my eyes.

So far, its the only one in my set of works that is read Left to Right.
@Redsnivy: Haha, well, they are aliens, so it would be alien to you. =B

(sorry, that joke blows)
Why my life? This was suppose to be a serious, first-meeting thing in a world where trolls and humans live together on the same planet, and after a rough strife with his Bro, Dave sneaks out in the night where the trolls are more active and tend to leave each other alone--especially with kismessitude being a normal thing in their culture. But, Karkat is such a fucking sweetheart and concerned for others, that he ends up getting way up in Dave's grill.

It wasn't suppose to end this silly, though. XD Why...
I got a tumblr request, asking me to do more ShinxKazama comics... And this is the result of what I could come up with after a long period of time.
WELP, we found out Danny's biggest weakness, finally. His love of the zoo, i.e., animals. XD
Aw man, I was happy to help~! And congrats again on completing it. X3 It was worth the wait.