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I am me. <3
Ahahaha!~ I like the last one most! XD Congrats!
LOL!~ Funny page.
I shall take a look!!~ (as I post this... I already have... xD )
Hee!~ So awesome! 8D Can't wait!
Ahhh. Love this page!! <33 Really!

Scanners suck somtimes, huh? :\

Ah. Personally I like the 2-3 pages when you can. But you should do what you think is best. :D

Good luck with your break! Blocks suck. Good thing that people can usually work through them though!
Heee!~ Poor Jura looks like he's getting prepped for surgery! xD
Lol!~ I bet Akio and that woman, Tolly, are going to beat them up! XD She just seems the type... >.>
July 9th, 2011
Ooooh. Whose room I wonder... :3
July 6th, 2011
Lol, yes. Only focus on how she MAY have stole your instant noodles! There's nothing unusual, at all, about a naked chick using her hair to throw you down a black hole! XD

Oh, gosh. I really do like your style and this seems to be coming along so wonderfully! <3
Ahahaa!!~ OMGoodness! I am SO happy I actually took a look at this comic even though I was hesitant at first! It really is VERY good! Funny and interesting style! :3
Heh... I was a little reluctant at first... but this is actually good. :3 And funny. I shall follow and see what more lies in store! 8D
I shall become another fan!!~ <3 -faves-
July 5th, 2011
Mmm... no. That actually a little creepy!! ^^; But still a beautiful page! 8D
LOL!!!~ "Socially repulsive creature"... I SO need to use that one some time!! <3
Waah!!~ Did he MARK him?? 8D (I recall him mentioning something about that earlier on in the comic... >.> )
Wow!!!~ You sure do know how to advertise!! 8D I am one of the many, I am sure, that cannot wait! XD
LOLOLOL!!!~ That is so tragic, yet at the same time waaaay too funny!!~ <3