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Anyway, I just noticed the change in tone between Rio's two halves. Nice touch.
August 27th, 2012
Pilau's face in the last panel is hilarious.
If Kila were in a fighting game, I imagine her stance would be something like the one she has in panels 4 and 5. Also, Ferris is adorable in that last panel.
Finally got around to buying a t-shirt! (Took me like 30 minutes to choose between the Null-13 one and the Pilau one. XD) Can't wait to get it! :D
Things just got interesting. Well, MORE interesting. My gosh I love this comic.

HOW?? How did you make Null-13 my favorite character in this entire comic in maybe 20 pages of actually being shown? That's the mark of a master storyteller. :D
Holy crap this comic is good! I'm going to buy a book and/or a t-shirt just to support it! :D
Now you'll finally know what's going on! :D
Shocking plot twist! No one saw that coming!
Overuse of shaded eye effect! Yay! :D
And so it begins...
Hello everyone! Thanks to all the early fans checking out this comic. I apologize for the incredibly crappy quality of the art. You see, in the past I've done other webcomics, and all of them have come and gone as I've come up with new ideas and stories. I've never had the persistence to use my full drawing ability in every frame, instead using different simplistic art styles. Though many artists use these art styles for good reasons, I only used them because I was lazy. However, by the time I reached page 9 of this comic (I currently have a buffer of 20 pages), I realized that something was different about this comic. I really, truely cared about this story and I wasn't going to let it die, even if that meant continuing with it even when I got bored with it or another idea came up. I knew that if I went all out on the art all at once, the strain of the work would make me immediately quit or return to the previous style. So I came up with a strategy: starting on page 9, I began adding an improvement to the art of this comic every page or two. Now that I have reached page 20, these improvements have been fully realized: the comics are now inked (I realize that this page is inked; however, the ones after it up to page 20 are not), the characters have realistic head shapes and ears, eyes are now anime style instead of the current blank white ones, bodies are more realistically proportioned, there are no more of those weird "stylized" bellbottom-like pants, characters now have necks, and other improvements. I have also improved the pacing of the story, since I wasn't pleased with how fast it was in these earlier pages. Now that I've finished page 20, I've finally slowed down the speed that I am improving the comic at, because I've finally achieved the quality that I desired. So please, stay with this comic. I know it's trash right now, and it will be for a while, but I promise, it will get better. Again, thank you for checking this out and I hope you enjoy my creation.
@H0lyhandgrenade: actually, in the Black and White anime, they are taken seriously again. No more puns, no more rhymes. No humor anymore, though, they're serious all the time, but at least they're not making puns and rhymes every time they're onscreen now. And their newest motto (yeah, they changed it more than once :| ) is actually kinda badarse. "Thrusting the hammer of justice down onto the black darkness of the universe". You gotta admit it's kinda fantastic. Not as great as the original, but good in its own sense, and far better than the other new mottos.
Ignore the guy above me
Seriously. The guy who commented before me is just trying to get a bunch of attention by posting a troll comment. Please don't give him that pleasure; simply ignore him.

(Talking about the guy with the username "Brandy". Just saying that in case he tries to be a jerk and delete his comment so it'll look like I'm talking about someone else.)
Wouldn't it have been so awkward for that guy if, after screaming that line, a girl walked out from behind the bushes instead of a guy?

@ohnopleaseno It updates twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.
So I was reading Nintendo Power and I saw this ad where it showed three or four pages of a new Pokemon Black and White comic. And you know what my first thought was? Mokepon is better. In dialogue, in story, and in art. H0lyHandGrenade, you truly are equal to, if not better than, most professional comic artists. :)