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Action is great, but the characters do need to take breaks here and there. Jason basically has two lives now, one of which is going to get chaotic. So it's nice to see him get to be just a regular teenager.
^^ Noooooooo!!!! Also, that's an interesting catch.
He's adorable in the last panel! And I love the second to the last one, too. And the way you set up the panels all together.
Alright, so far so good. It hasn't hit her yet that a stranger knows her name and how she likes her cafe beverages. Or maybe she doesn't care at the moment.
I'm glad everything went well! I take it she doesn't get out in public much.
Time to whip out the frying pan! "Who are you and how did you find me?"
This is adorable! "I'll see you at breakfast." Oh boy! What are his nightmares revealing that doesn't add up?
Quite a charmer, this one!
This is one of my favorite things about this generation. All of the gym leaders actually got involved and helped the protagonist fight instead of just being there for badges' sake.
This is pure beautiful gold! We need more people like Ker in the world. With their brooms and comforting skills. I hope your arm feels better. Your comic is a joy to read! =)
Naturally fragrant. Interesting *he's the flower, watch out!*
Aaaaaa, it's happening! They're finally meeting, yay!
They're so close! He better watch out, though. She wasn't too thrilled about him before.
I knew she had a powerful nose, but wow! That's a powerful nose.
Whaaaat? He was in the elevator the whole time? That sneaky flower.
Sense of smell is so fascinating! The things one can remember just from smell alone. You can even remember the way something smelled and smell it without actually smelling anything.
Haha! Squisk and squish.
Hey, he's gonna be the best smelling thing you've ever smelled!
The lettuce has grown! I love the colors on this page.
Oh my goodness! It's so cute! My favorite animal, too =D This is going to be quite an accident.