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Comment on page 257 of Bettencourt Hotel
shreego, 16 Jun 2015
I see mixed emotions on Lucky's face. The smile says relief (or possibly denial), the eyebrows say focus, and the eyes say horrified.
Comment on Comatose ch1.5 pg07 of -Comatose
shreego, 13 Jun 2015 07:21 pm
I like to imagine Jack of the physical world high-fiving his bullies in the face with his fist like his counter part does with everyone he meets.
Comment on 19 of Comedown Machine
shreego, 31 May 2015 10:30 pm
It's ironic for Link, as well as for Tonomi. Link's favorite singer becomes his rival in love. Not to mention it was the shared interest in Velours Vert that pretty much brought him and Tessa together. Beautiful.
Comment on Comatose ch1.4 pg12 of -Comatose
shreego, 05 May 2015 02:53 am
It'd be pretty sweet if they could pull a Titan A.E. and 'shwoom!', Earth is back. And its name its name turns out to be Bob, actually.
Comment on Comatose ch1.4 pg10 of -Comatose
shreego, 28 Apr 2015 10:28 am
So much stranger danger on one page! Seriously, though, awesome page! You sure can draw one rad looking ship.
Comment on The Gem of the Mediterranean Sea - Chapter 6 - page 4 of The Pirate Balthasar
shreego, 27 Apr 2015 07:13 pm
This page makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Comment on 14 of Comedown Machine
shreego, 26 Apr 2015 08:17 pm
The suspense!
Comment on 13 of Comedown Machine
shreego, 24 Apr 2015 06:59 pm
Even if she does decide to stay, things would be waaay different. And not in the good way.
Comment on Comatose ch1.4 pg08 of -Comatose
shreego, 22 Apr 2015 07:34 pm
@chicken-blast: Yes! I was having problems with the commenting system on here for some reason. But now we're all good!
Comment on Comatose ch1.4 pg08 of -Comatose
shreego, 21 Apr 2015 10:59 am
Drugs used for something other than money and a good time. Clever clever!

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