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I am a stay at home mom that occupies my time making web comics and someday hoping that I can make this a full on profession some day. Right now I am working on two webcomics, Judith and Blood Runes, and when I am not working on comics I am playing WoW and making sure my kids don't kill themselves.
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    Jessica Schaff
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Mothers Fury!
Don't mess with your mom... she will destroy you.
November 1st, 2012
First Page. No words just Judith strolling along the busy streets.
October 31st, 2012
Renewing Judith!
Cover of the first chapter of my comic Judith. I'm renewing the story from top to bottom so this should be an interesting story for everyone to read.
New ink set!
Hey guys! I would have had the page up yesterday but my husband came back from being out to sea. So I waited until this morning to finish the page. I've also been using my new ink set and it makes me want to ink more than usual so that's why there is more inking detail than before.
Haley vs the Doom Squad???
A little explination of Vanna's Goon Squad and why they are so... evil, strange and creepy? But for some reason they are the most popular girls at school...
This looks pretty bad @$$! Very nice work on the comic.
@Andrea C.Castro: Thank you and I will be sure to check out your webcomic.
@PersephoneWatching: Yes, it does. And Max will always be an overachiever.
Watch out Max!
Vanna appears! And she isn't too happy with Max and who he decided to spend lunch with.
First page for Chapter 2 of Blood Runes! Let my own giddy fest begin! okay it's over now.
Vanna and the Doom Squad!
Meet the bad girls. They look all sweet and innocent but deep inside the reek of pure evil! Or something like that.
@ClarkeWolf: His strength only occurs when she bleeds. There will be more info into their abilities later on in the story.
@LuckMouse: I am glad you are enjoying the story! :D
@Erdnaxel: Yeah, the woman has been pampered all her life so she isn't used to putting up with hard work.
@PersephoneWatching: Nicole is pretty timid normally so she isn't used to thinking about using violent acts towards others. I guess you could say he is bringing out her violent side lol.
I guess some people should watch what they say to James...
Nicole finds out that she shouldn't be judging others.
This is a picture I drew on Halloween. Nicole apparently has more control over what James does than he thinks. ;)
Looks like Nicole is meeting some interesting people at this new school of hers.
James is conflicted on why he can't just shrug off the dirty look Nicole threw at him earlier.