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September 9th, 2013
I think i'm the only one who happy with Kaito turning down that offer .3.''

Shuno is Kaito's and Kaito alone
August 10th, 2013
You have no idea how many bloody times i checked to see if this had a update ;3;

i missed you so much *rubs against the new page*
Ok. he got me
Never thought he was going to get another bar/was hiding a bar

Blinch you're just one awesome guy =//3//=
June 7th, 2013
I found this comic last night, and just finished reading it. Now i have to wait for a update ;3;

This comic is pure awesome
May 3rd, 2013
Team rocket's plan to catch something small and cute has finally worked!
Every time i see this comic....

I wonder why it got a small following .w.
Just have to say
Im so glad i looked at this.

i when through all of this, and pretty much non stop laughed and smiled.

Thank you so much for the awesomeness you do. i really needed it, keep up the amazing work <3
October 17th, 2012
That wasn't a manly apron. it a plain apron that Kaidou mainly-ness is showing through <3

also this is my first comment on this comic, and i have to say i read every single page in afew hours, and i can't wait for me <3!
August 2nd, 2012
There like a million comics that just jump into sex (not saying it a bad thing)

But i do love the story before sex (Is old fashioned aswell) .__.''
I think im more mad at Kaito
Why isn't he kicking Colt where it would hurt or punching him or mad? i would be pissed off if someone try to do that to me, and i agree with Goat, this isn't a "yaoi" comic. its not just about sex, about people not giving a damn who they f**k but just want someone inside them like oh so many comic, It about two broken males going through hell and back to fix each other. unless im reading it wrong X__X'
April 30th, 2012

I believe it his job, Saying he loves cars and most likely wanted to be a mechanic (Which his father hated)

And great job on this chapter angel!
i don't think i seen Kaito or Shuno have this much fun <3
Oh sweet *Whatever god there is in this comic*

i so happy you posted this page, i was dying to see what the green dude fully looked like

also the art is amazing and even those the story haven't gotten far yet, im still loving it.

Keep up the great work <3
February 26th, 2012
God...i just read this update so many time...and it makes me tearful every single time Y__Y

Angel this is the only comic that made me act like a kid and jump around and made me want to scream. it the only comic that connected with my own life and now it the only comic that made me tearful

you do amazing work and i'm so happy i started to read this all them pages ago (started reading way back on the first chapter)

So thank you so much for making this and i hope you continue to not only amazes me, but everyone else (which i know you do)

Also...poor Shuno likely feeling the pain right now...especially with Kaito pressing on them scratches D=!
January 10th, 2012
He noticed something off!

Edit: woot! first

and me and my lover are still loving this
My lover is wanting to shot Oasis so much right now XD

Keep up the great work, we love it <3
Not only will a amazing game will be coming out, it will also be my first year with my love

Now onto my question XD

Will this be coming to a end when skyrim is out? or will you be making a "what i liked the most in skyrim?"
October 1st, 2011
Go shuno!!
Have you prize!!

Tho why would you want him to wear tigher underwear?

It just makes it ten time easier this way <333

Edit: Aha me looking 50 times a day finally paid off ^__^''
September 26th, 2011
Just wanting to say
That i seen the comments by themusicalmuffin and DaRussianRaa, And i don't agree with them..yet at the same time i do

I love that you post 4+ pages a day ( most days ) and i wouldn't want it any other way, what i would want you to is. finish the story and then redo it all (if you wanted)

It like teahouse. i like the comic....but i only check up on it once a month (sometimes i even forget about it until three months later)and by then i forgotten what been going on and it just get boring

What i would like to see in here would be more plot, I love the sex....But they just kinda seem stuck in the house...Kaito hasn't been to work for abit aswell

And i would love to see Kaito and Shuno go out on a real date, go out to the park. movies. ect

So in all: I love the pages, the art is good....even tho when you do color it looks amazing, And finally let them go out. we don't want them getting fat and lazy now >w<''
September 24th, 2011
He was going to say he loves him D=

*I think*