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I'm a senior in high school. I love reading manga, and I love writing stories, so I wanted to try making a manga on my own. I love all things Halloween, even the scary stuff(isn't that what it's ALL supposed to be?). I love comedic manga. The gender-bender genre KILLS me, cuz it's so funny! I have a rare, entirely black cat who has a variety of names, and six other animals besides. I love baking and cleaning.

Favorite Manakas: Natsuki Takaya, Bisco Hatori, and Tomoko Hayakawa!

Most-Memorable Manga Titles: The Wallflower, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club

Manga Preferences: I'm not really that into girl-on-girl or boy-on-boy mangas, so I try to keep my stories straight and simple(*cough* complicated! *cough*). It's really weird how half of the GOOD manga on here (SmackJeeves, and I mean the art) are all shounen-ai or shoujo-ai. It's really irritating. I mean, one every so often is fine, gets to be much. So, for all you who like both the ai's and normal's, here I am to bring you a nice, refreshing mixup! Oh, yes. Just when you think you've read 'em all, here is Angel, ready to WOW your mind! STAY TUNED!!

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August 6th, 2011
August 6th, 2011
yo. loads of black, man...also, a bit confusing...
Like it?
If you like this manga, please please please favorite it. I have no idea how liked this manga is, and favoriting it will let me know. Also, it will let you, the reader, know when I update it. Pretty good incentive, huh?
I scanned Nekomi and Tenshi in after I colored them. That's why they look kinda weird.
OHH RIGHT TO LEFT! Okay, gotcha!
left to right, or right to left??
Latest post...
Before anybody asks, the alarm clock is special. It doesn't do the bell thing, like most alarm clocks with a face do. Its alarm is digital. That's why that little square on top of it says "speaker." Just wanted to head off any comments about him. ;)
I'm testing out what I can do with hair highlights...
wow how did you draw all that city??? O.O
The art...
I'm still remarkably new to the manga-drawing stuff, but I'm getting better.

Also, the reason he goes from Unknown to Has Hair, is because I figured that'd be his actual image. Give the readers a lil something to say "ohhhhh" to later. ;) But, keep in mind that little Nekomi still sees his face and hair distorted.

I'll make it better as I go along...this is a learning experience for me, but I promise you, the story is great!
I tried lol but the text is tiny...
Bad quality...
I'm so sorry for the somewhat bad quality with the...everything. Please forgive my computer!