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writing, reading, drawing
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man! i missed the contest! oh well. i'd gladly buy them off ya! ;D

what could Scott have done for anyone to hate him. he seems like a nice man.

oh yeah, i saw the progress for page 53. always wanted to know how you do it. looks like a lotta work!
hehehe! don't grab too hard or there won't be a second time! ;D
must have! so adorable, these things!
my god Devoto is Delicious! and his faces are as precious as Scott's...cock, i guess. :D
mmmmmmm Devoto your face and hair are doing things to me, Sir!

awww Scott: "please, please, please" love 'im!
"I weep with joy everyday." Guthlac! you're my favovite! you crack me up, Sir! XD
ooooooh textures! i can't stop looking at those scatterings of hair on his forearms! *.*
they're so sweet!
for what it's worth, i enjoyed these colorful poetic pages! :D
that surprised look! XD your artwork gets me every time. seems like it'll work out. i shall wait patiently!
these poor guys! it's obvious that they love each other. what are they going to do?
worth the wait for that nice domestic picture and that blushing look-a-way in the last panel!
ooooooh rude! he's only trying to help!
oh the beauty and... poetry almost!
srsly you need to go to hospital!
oh so beautiful and colorful! :D
creeper? attack? so adorable in his naivete! he has only but to learn.
oooooooooooooooh O.O. well, will you look at that! wonder how Aki feels about this.
ooh "shoot up their family" such dark humor. love how colorful your characters are. i can hear them in my head! :)
absolutely great first chapter! can't wait for more.

but it looks like someone is late for their beloved job. XD
Taisuke has no one ever told you that pointing's rude?
hahahaha toooo cute