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The maxi-pad comment reminded me of this commercial I saw last night... It was for a new pregnancy test. They described it as "the most advanced thing you will ever pee on."
This put a smile on my face. For some reason.
As my own comic has no general plot line, I found this very halarious.
It's been ages since I drew this... The artwork in it... makes me feel sick to look upon it.
I forgot to draw a line on Onizuka's glasses XD; hah! And Lilac Avenger's finger looks funny. Hah. I suck. Oh yes as well as, Oni's bangs ended up working as his eyebrows. xD;
Alright. I have read this. And I love it. But I have to ask - as he is my favorite <3 - Hisoka... ever going to be in it. Because... he should be.

All the same, it's great and totally out-shines anything I could do and I am faving it.
It really happened... Although... in reality... I bent to her evil ways... and made her a new one. But inside, I seathed with ANGER! ... >.>;
I love your comic... The story idea excites me. That's all I have to say about that.
I have no clue what it says (except for NO) But I love it! xD;
For this one... lemme just tell you a little story.

While playing Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town, I was carrying my pedometer, in one of my 3 backpack spaces. No particular reason, I just felt like it. When all of a sudden, the screen flashes. And who should appear? The Harvest Goddess. She gives me a way to go and leaves.
It's amazing isn't it.
1. I can't spell very well.
2. I did not use - my ruler. Deal with the lack of rulerage.
3. ... I think that's about it...
Yes, I know it's early... Seeing as I uploaded this like 4 days ahead of schedule, but I was afraid I'd forget to. =(
Sorry the text is so small. =(
Sean Connery is the only James Bond.
Nono, notice the person shouting, "THERE'S ONE!" Is clearly a woman. Her chest juts out in what appears to be a lump. Therefore we can only assume that it's a girl. Making your statement, false.
For about a second I was thinking spektre was lacking a crotch. ... xD;
I wish I could color that well. *o* I also like the story. I think maybe I would have liked it more though if her mouth was seductivly open a little. ^^;
This really shows that distance man D=
Heh heh heh... Gotta love grey tones. Totally hide that disgusting yellowygreen line. I'm going to start playing with the layout style a little... In a comic or two the change should start to be noticable.