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I'm so glad to hear that! I'm always re-reading this comic, its one of my favs:)
Yay Devon!!!
OMG!!! It's the same for my family! People we lived near only acknowledged our existence after we got a dog! And even then it's always 'oh you're Mayzes family' it's okay though because I don't know any of them or they're dogs :P
@Falconer: Hahaha just wanted to let you know my eyes tricked me into thinking 'warm' and 'fuzzy' were smushed into one word so it spelled 'wuzzy'!!! I'm weird sorry:)
Oh Hero:)
Lol! Such a good friend:)
Was he just carrying that thing around waiting for the perfect moment to use it?
HahahahahaXD I like him!
Second panel is so cute! It's like he's still processing everything:)
Doesn't relies how amazing you are? Scandalous!
Lol:) someone looks unamused
When I was little my older sibling told me bugs tasted like mint ice cream.......... They don't :(
Haha! Bet he's gonna be like "That was my favorite window..."
He should have bet money on it ;P
What kind of childhood trauma has he been through?
LolsXD they got a time out!
Lols:) does he need some ice for that burn!
Aw:) awkward cute moment ftw!