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I do believe in diagonal cats *clapping like a maniac*
the doc has hair again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :DDDDDDD <3
wait what? He paid a woman to eat his brain, so that he could be a couple with him without being gay???
please tell me, this is a dream sequence...
the second panel is amazing! <3
Alien Mayan
uhm... why is he blue? xD
haha aaaaaaae isn't she pretty?:D Btw were did Pifo learn that sexy look??? O.o
hahaha oh my god, she's a total monster xDDD
Hey he looks good with the short hair! =)
are the two grey aliens on the left holding "hands"? that's so cute :D btw these green insects with the red eyes are adorable!
:D I LOVE "have a nice day"-kisses <3
I like the animations :D it's something new =)
@maplebee: I just meant that his upper body looks very short in this panel
You forgot to drwa Chal's waist in the panel in the left corner at the bottom xD
uhh, pretty boy :D i like
YAYYYYYH! The doctor's hair is back!!!!!!! *hearts flying across the room* :D
Sometimes I think these guys might all be gay in secret... O.o
till when can he flip over? xD
She totally looks like George from Mokepon :P