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should be we are safe not were safe in your 5th panal
this one made me laugh and feel sad at the same time
just don't do heroin please
I like your comics
Yea sorry about the lack comics.
I really don't nihilists either
he sees the picture of Rob on the letter

oh and Rob isn't the one who wrote the letter
The person who writes the letter is explained later
You know I never even thought about making the goombas look left or right. Thanks for that suggestion. And, I honestly didn't know that Cutman jokes where over used. I apparently don't read enough Megaman comics. I probably wouldn't have used Cutman as Rob's cellmate if I would have known that. I just saw a Sprite of Cutman's arms out on a sprite sheet and it looked like he was asking for a hug.
I personally like using the comic maker on I'm used to it. And, if I was to use a pc program I wouldn't use paint. I would only use one that could do layering. I don't even know a program that can do that. And, my response to your comment pokemonplus is they did kill themselves and they didn't kill themselves. When the devil destroyed the world, the God of the world remade it. But, he didn't make it perfectly the same cause he was stoned. So, basically the old Rob and Will was destroyed when the world was destroyed and then the new Rob and Will traveled back in time and killed them. I hope I said that right
I have no idea who is saying what add some lines to your txt to the characters so we know who is saying what
the duckie by pugusdoggers
I think was watching a bugs bunny cartoon at the time
treeco sprited the goomba sprite