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Emma 'Anarchist' [noun];

1.) insane art enthusiast with a passion for literature and a addiction to yaoi. [see; 'obession']
2.) unpredictable animal lover with a talent for baking.
3.) semi-conservative pansexual with a love for burlesque. [see; 'contradiction']
4.) a terrible swimmer.


Animes/TV shows: Kuroshitsuji, Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Hetalia, RuPaul's Drag U, Invader Zim, South Park, and Bones. May add some more later, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Mangas/Comics: Kuroshitsuji, Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hasukoi, Hetalia, Pink-Black, Doki-Doki, Phobia; Dance with the Devil (recongnize a few? ^3^)

Loves: Burlesque (not only the movie, the actual art of Burlesque also), biology, psycology, sadomasochism, animals (particularly cats or baby animals of any kind), the color black, odd numbers (besides 6, minus 5), stange things in general, reading/writing/drawing/painting/photography/cooking, music, and doing hair/make-up, foreign languages.
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Lol, is he trying to point out the fact he's 18 to Danny? >;3

I think he is. ;P
The whole metrosexual look, complete with tight fitting pants and gorgeously styled hair. ;P
Why is there only one steak the first two panels but two in his mouth on the third? XD
@tangyskittles: Dear god, she said she has NINE LEFT! How many did you have Gopeach? D: I only had eight over-all!
My friends and I say that all the time! "Just feels, bro!" "You know that feel!" XD
Is he a Snivy? :D
This poor guy just cant get away. ;~;
Have I ever told you how much Kaito and Shuno remind me of me and my boyfriend? Because honestly, its pretty dead on. Besides Kaito's random bitch-face moments, but those are rare anyways, so... XD
I chose Basil because hes a dick to everyone, just like my boyfriend. XD

Except me. XD
Ooooh goodness, I love this comic! Keep up the good work! :D
ily serfiously, this is so funny
Oh God. I've been in Nikki's situation before, if the chick weren't my friend i would have decked her then and there. :/ hate it when people go and spread personal info without thinking of the consiquences.
Oh my goodness, periods always cause trouble. XD

Cant wait for the next update! <3
I cant wait to see what that "And..." is. XD
I wear my rainbow bracelet all the time lol, nobody ever comments on it. XD
Oh goodness, now the rumors start. D:
Thankfully for me, my highschool has LOTS of eyecandy. ;D
WAIT-- Is that that men chick from before? I bet her and Taiki will get together lol. Shes like the only character besides main characters left to be a potential love intrest! :D

She probably just told him to "Lay off my woman, dude." ;D
Im sorry about how your last week or two has been going. :( Keep your spirits high! We all love you here. Your funny, smart, witty, and know how to spin a good plot! And dont even get me started on how you draw... :D

You can do it honey bun! If people start being meanies again, turn up your nose and let the insults roll off you like you're wearing a raincoat in a storm! INSULT-PROOF~! <3