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I have read comics on this site for years and i am finally making my own so keep a look out for it.
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> listen to searo.
> Nyla for the brownie points.
Excessive use of powers AHOOOO
What do I do to relax? I blast peoples tea. Its very calming.
>Use some sort of fire magic to heat the immediate area and turn the snow to rain.
'try not to be scarred for life!'

Like we have a choice in the matter.
seems like a valid noise to me. The black and white was a nice touch also.
I found real chip...'munch'.....'internal bleeding noises'
I guess that could be a prank depending on how you look at it and what side of the prank your on...
Dem updates
Regular updates 'WOOT'

glad to see it back.
yep called it
I bet that they will cause a whole lot of orcs will try to kill them (maybe 40) and they lead them to the gate and without guards the town is easily taken.
Or they walk into a suprise attack to take back the town .
no its next time
i can thankfuly say that never happens to me
last one you take one stick and draw 8 in the dirt/sand/other movable surface
June 18th, 2012
It may be late but, the lack of school might be the fact of the evil super genius intent on destroying any and all organic beings.That might have put a damper on school.
strange crossover instead of promised update its the end of a great
yah i think the anger is gonna come from da boss man