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Just a brazilian girl trying to translate her stories into webcomics... Eventually.
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Probably the only time we'll ever see a boy seem happy that the girl he likes just ditched him mid-date like that.

(In all seriousness though, that's too cute and I'm so pleased with this turn of events)
Cara, Merthiolate parece que so deixa pior porque a pessoa rala o joelho, nem ta doento tanto assim dai vem a mae ajudar mas ai doi E arde.
@PaDiYaFLAME: Exactly, she's not supposed to be going that fast because that bike isn't appropriate for that, his is.
When I first played Pokemon Red as a child, I had left my favorite Pokemon at the Daycare before I got on the ship. Sometime during my time inside that ship I remembered that and, worried that I'd never be able to come back for him, left the ship to pick him up real quick before I got back on the ship. Naturally it sailed immediately. I was so upset but at the same time convinced it had all been worth it because surely that meant if I had waited longer I wouldn't have been able to come back for my Pokemon, right? Obviously. I didn't even do all the fights/get all the items.
@wtf: It's one of those things that's kinda hard to catch when hearing it (since nobody really says useDDDD or anything) so it just confuses a lot of people, haha. I only know that because I looked it up years ago when trying to figure out which one it was, to be honest.
@wtf: No, you'll get used to it is correct. People just say it wrong a lot.
He looks so determined saying it too. I love you Billy, please always be that precious.

I'm also loving that flower petals started falling after that, haha.
@Happy Tree: Oooh, that's cool! I look forward to knowing more about that in the future then!
Huh... Does YAY look different when reflected on mirrors? Or depending on who's looking maybe?
@(Guest): It's a figure of speech, but if it's any help, the spoon also makes the whole thing rhyme, haha.
@(Guest): It's going to sound a little awkward in English but literally "In a husband and wife's fight, nobody puts their spoon", basically don't get involved in a couple's arguing, haha.
I usually just read the comic in silence because I'm a lurker, not a commenter, but I need to say good job on that alt text, I couldn't have picked a better expression myself. xD
Mr Monster looks like a puppy and that is the best look for a monster ever. <3
May 16th, 2014
Aaaaand now the button for saving the last page you've read is back, but indeed I can't find a button for replying to comments. xD Life is difficult, haha.

It's still a super cute layout though so it has my approval one way or another. o3o
May 15th, 2014
It's very cute, but is it just me or is the function for saving the last page you've read gone? :c
Part of me just really wants it to be a giant clefairy. Like Power Rangers monster giant.
Crystal, will you ever have your signature ponytail things back, or is your hair forever doomed to be down until all eternity?
June 5th, 2013
@Almightyra: Maybe he's made of the same material of those old Nokia cellphones.
April 11th, 2013
Well that escalated quickly. xDDD

But aaah this comic is just made of awesome, seriously. Everyone is awesome and the story is awesome and the art is awesome and and. And awesome. eue
March 1st, 2013
Ow, my heart ;w;
Congratulations on ending the comic, Pompi! And most importantly, thank you for making it and sharing it with us. ;3; It was a wonderful read and I enjoyed following it from the start. The story evolved so much from the original idea (or so it seems), it was quite the journey. I must say, I'll miss these guys! This comic has been a part of my reading list for so long now, it'll feel weird not having any more pages to look forward to, but it's a nice feeling at the same time. I'm torn apart, haha. I'll be waiting anxiously to get my hands on the printed version, too!
Now, I'll be going to fill out that survey now. Once again, congratulations on finishing UTENSIL!