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Look I'm gonna be honest. I'm lazy. I love to draw and write my comics but the likely hood of me updating regularly is very very slim. I will update every once and while though so there is that.

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September 2nd, 2017
Looks like these two haven't even introduced themselves yet. Too busy trying to do the surviving thing I guess, names just don't seem too important just yet. I'm sure they'll get to it eventually.
Into the church.
Page 1
Caught in a storm.
December 1st, 2016
The world of Chitanzer's magic is slowing fading. Demons and Monsters are running rampant. Chitanzer only has one hope, a young half human girl. But how is she supposed to help when she doesn't even know what's been happening outside her village?
lol awww
He's so cute when he's angry. XD
Too awesome!
They are going to be the BEST parents ever! XD It'll be amazing. Their kid is going to grow up to be an amazing person.
I feel really bad for everyone right now. Such a tense situation and with everything going on you can't blame Pea for wanting have assurance that Martin would be fine.
Kane is so cute when he's worried. <3 I hope Castalia will pull through. She's such a strong girl I have faith!
I'm voteing
For Gym class!
The suspence...
it is killing me! XD
I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what Arei's capable of! 8D
he's the best at makin' them. XD
this is a rather interesting story so far. The only thing is that you seem to rely heavily on dialog which can take away from the story itself. I understand you needed to explain what was going on with Hinori but I feel it would have been a much better idea to make "young master" (sorry can't remember his name right now) figure it out in a bit more drawn out way. It would add more emotion and chance for character development which would be awesome because I want to get to know your characters better! <3
Oh my
And Taron's facial expressions wins again! XD
SO much love to Taron's face in the 3rd panel! <3
So much win on one page! <3
Ho Shit! Ho shit! Ho shit!
That is the most amazing pile of trash ever!! XD
XD How can he not know what "Gay Klub" is?! Oh if anything this makes me love him more! <3
Why would you make him so beautiful and sad?! T^T I shall cry forever or until the next page comes out. ohhhh Why would you do this to my heart space?!