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I like comics, video games, TV shows and food.
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That is probably the biggest reaction anyone has ever had seeing Pidgey using gust.
I sure hope that Pidgey evolves!
At first it looked like he got shot in the neck. There is still hope. There are also a bunch of zombies near them.
Glad to see this back!
This will be interesting..
Jeremiah has only huge bones. There is no need for hate Nicholas..
I really like Emile. No homo.
Brendan should join them on a supply run. Also, we haven't seen that Pidgey in a while..
British man love their breakfast, huh?
Those 2 backpackers sound like intresting characters!
Nicholas.. I hope he is not old & won't shoot any main character in the face..
This is the best sprite comic right now in my opinion. There are other good ones too, but I prefer this one over the others. Pokemon X (comic) was pretty good, but the creator stopped making it. :(
Because of your new icon (Shane from TWD) it looks like you are yelling out your post.
Those zombie Ledyba's still remind me that they are not safe at all. A zombie Rhyhorn could run in front of them and just stop the car. Music gives a nice touch to this page! Great!
I really wanted to see how you will make the inside of the RV, it looks fantastic!
But it is already July..
looks like not in the comic.
@supersonicfan0: I just wanted to make the same comment, but you did it faster than me.. Congratulations!
Why didn't he use the gun earlier?
Could it be it has no bullets?
I'm stoked for the remakes too! I can't wait to get my hands on Alpha Ruby!