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Height: 4' 9" TT3TT i'm short
Blood type: A-
Birthplace: Austin Texas :D
Currently living: Some sucky place called Virginia
Signs: Leo and a dumb dog (i don't like dogs T^T)
B-Day: July 27th of a year
Favorite food, colour:
Ramen, black, gray, and a grayish pinkish color o-0... and orange
Hobby: scratching up my poor tablet with my tablet pen :< (drawing) and bugging KHFanForAll on the phone
Fav. Weather: Rain <3
and no Emily...i did not take this from your profile :< nope. I sure didn't... yup.
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    Jennifer -insert last name here-
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yeah you heard me >>
I have some new ideas and stuff. Plus the last few pages have been crap xD
And i've been really lazy and not updating X-x
sooo...I"m starting it over :D
I'll update more often too... (and how many times have i told you that?)
yeah xD
hehe... I didnt' work very hard on this xD
I just wanted to post something to let you guys know that i'm not dead xD
I just haven't felt like dealing with photoshop >> It doesn't like me very much.
I'll try to do more X-X;;

you guys are awesome D:
ilu too xD
I love joo people <3
*hugs kup-chan* :3
it also lets me know if your even still reading this crap D:

crits too plz <3

crap, i'm needy today.. *goes out to find random people to hug*

sorry guys x-x;;
i can! :D
and spell it. -w-
i keep listening to this song ><
I dunno why :D
Meet kurt.... again.
I put his hair on the wrong side!!!1!! ><
hehehe... poor Phay ^^''
I can't draw ><''
yet again, i got really lazy while doing this ><
I'm sorry this is so sucky D:
>< sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry*bricked*
I need to update more T3T i just either feel to lazy or really busy.
I think i'm gonna re-do this later.

heheheee... i had to use a ref for the pose and it looks noting like it Dx

Gah this is funny xD
sorry guys, i fail at life ><
I'm a loser... yes i know D:

I'll be posting more now :3

and sorry for the crap >< I'm feeling lazy right now and i felt bad for not posting much

i <3 you all x3

and his mouth is open o-o;; thats not his lip >< i just noticed it looked like a lip x-x
happy valentine's day people :D
i'm feeling to lazy to draw anything else so..... yeah XD
hehehe... this is to make up for the ubber suckyness of the last page XD
... its kurt :D you'll see more of him later :3
He wants to give you a hug :D

Er... god i hate this DX Yesh... i know this is sucky DX
sorry :<

i got lazy with the coloring and inking on the hair o-0;;

:O i love the line art