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Lonely Heartless
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Is there a door to Christmas Town or Halloween Town too ?
@Guest: You mean like Mewtwo in the first movie ?
I hate pointing out mistakes but isn't Bobby holding the gun in the wrong hand in the first panel ?
I'm learning so many new words with this comic
He's gonna hurt him
Page 78 ? not 77 ?
Lonely Heartless
March 12th, 2014
The image you need to keep ? In these clothes ? xD
The teleportation effect is pretty good !
I guess that guy will give Atty a fossil after he fight him ?
Is that a Skyrim map on the wall ?
Is the cousin Brook or Raine ? Because in page 63 (chapter 4) Kenzie say "She's my ...(cousin ?)" then Brook say "She's MY sister"
Well... That's... unexpected
One of them is obviously Brooklyn. And the other.... I don't know. Josh maybe ? xD
I'm curious, how much time does it takes you to draw a page ?
I just read the whole comic and I love how your drawing improved. It's really great !
I can see my house from here.
why don't you just slap him ? I would slap him :|
Chip pulled back his hood :o
Only one thing to say : MORE !
I always wanted a pikachu... now I want THIS pikachu x3