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Comic Cancelled due to time restraints and inexperience. Don't expect any comics from ME anytime soom
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Teleporting, YAY! :D
I STILL haven't beaten the True Arena... :/
Division A= The ones Kirby finds to be Useful... I guess...

Everyone else gets division B C and D
I swear, I canNOT trust Kazo... To him, pain is ALWAYS fair game
Donuts DO make the world go 'round... So I'd stop for Donuts any day.
They both have horrible Warpstar Skills...

No wonder they didn't make it to Kirby Air Ride...
That Waddle Doo must DIIIIE! Ah, I love randomness.
Poor Shat'l
A simple look at him kinda makes me wonder mor and more about him...
I have a good feeling that I'll enjoy this comic :D
Is Mega Man SUPPOSED to be smiling when he's possibly falling to his death?
If I knew of this tournament earlier, I would've picked Spawn. He only dies one way!
And AWESOME! I read the whole thing from beginning to end, and I liked it. It had a mix of action, adventure, drama, and of course, comedy. Mostly comedy.

Longest comment I ever done
That was touching...