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I.... I wish I couldn't relate to this...
OMG, I LOL'd!!

Painting it pink... that reminds me of my bike when I was a kid. It was blue, so I spray painted it pink. Not sure why I went for pink (it's not my favorite color), maybe it was the color we had available. Anyway, I accidentally got the tires, so I mottled them pink, too.
that's pretty awesome! And way better than New Year's Day... or as I sometimes call it "National Hangover Day".
@Rori: It took several years for my siamese to stop hating and tormenting our dog. Hopefully they'll come around!

I told my friends to never tell me about kittens they find ever again. Last time I took a couple tiny kittens someone found (by the dumpster), we ended up keeping them. Too cute, glad all the cats get along, I love them, but can't take on any more!
Huh. My step-dad has always called me his "favorite turd". I didn't really appreciate it as a teenager. Actually, in his case, I still don't.... Can't say I've run into too many scatological terms of affection other than that!
oh god, it's South Beloit!! I can say this because I live near it and drive through it often enough to know this is true.
I once had a cat who would lift the reservoir on his self watering bowl. Usually when it was empty, but sometimes when it still had water in it.

He would tip the reservoir off the base and push it down the stairs. Had to be careful in the mornings....

I no longer use the self watering bowls. Our youngest male cat these days will pull on the door until either a: he opened it or b: you open it. Either way, he wins the game (at 3am)

Mmmmmm,Jasmine rice is my favorite!

*Sigh* paydays, such bittersweet moments!

I put off getting art supplies this week... but I finally broke down and went to the store yesterday! It was joyous, and the angels sung on high as I entered the store!(ok, maybe that was just the speakers....)
aww, thanks Rori! LoL, I'd be happy to take your cicadas, they're my favorite part of August! <3
....... omg. that is awesome.
I LoL'd, it's so true!!

I worry about the day Megatron (our big white and black cat. Yes, that really is his name.) completely understands doors. He understands somewhat about the knob, can open it from the bottom if it's not completely latched, but can't quite comprehend that the same action on the other side doesn't work.

My siamese stares me down and smacks his lips when he wants a treat. Usually bread. Ohhh the stories I have....
Aww, we haven't been to Denny's in ages. Husband doesn't like it so much after their latest overhaul, so we don't go anymore.

Also, Gibson: Scabdick? LMAO gross and funny!
I once woke up in the middle of winter to one of those fuckers on my bedroom window screen. I'd made the mistake of putting the suet cake feeder right outside the window, thinking it would be cool to wake up to the birds all winter.

Boy, was I wrong!
they might be big and picky, but...
Late coming, but I love cicada song! My husband and I look forward to it every year.
*facepalm* Great. A "Wonder Woman" that makes lady-geeks look like a$$h0l35!
*sniff* awww, so sweet!
*sniff* aww, so sweet! I can't help but wonder... how DID you resolve the time zone dilemma?
it's the little things! Now I want some frozen drink too.
This is about the same response I get when I ask my husband to help me with my projects! Silly, sleepy husbands :)