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I like drawing, video games, anime, i'm a Furry, I work a dead end job washing dishes and i'm a college student studying 3-d animation?
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damn. thats an ultimatum if ever saw one. poor guy is fucked.
coming at it from the other side...
I wish I could understand people simply from the words that come out of their mouths. i always look closely at their body language and notice little things, how they don't mean what they say. i don't think Yunari would cope better if she heard the reason. i think it would complicate things. or just not change much.
she's a smart gril.
she knows wtf up.
oh god.
this sounds like this is going to end badly...
i wonder what brought this guy to do this. i wish I could crawl into their minds like this and understand, but i feel like I wouldn't be able to.
damn that was fast. what a silent badass.
i'm a fan of deep characters
i was waiting for this moment for her history to be explained. I am now more invested in this character.
man. I wish i had a girl that make a shrine for me damn. XD
too damn cute. bruh.
goddamnit why you gotta cliff hang me like dat?
yah got a lovely painting style. i'm lazy and I used filters and gradients.
when you were did it..

did you mean "when you did it?"
she's so cute omg... but she should like talk to maiko without getting angry
yeah like the last panel.
i'd say it's an improvement
the next thing I would suggest is including more body language. i find that more difficult to execute but if you can pull it off it really brings your characters to life ya know?
love your background btw.
I feel your pain man. making desks in a background is literally the bane of my existence as a slice of life comic artist. your desks look sexier than mine though. good job man.

when I was reading this I was expecting lynn to say something like "well when you're closer together it's easier to step on eachother" or reference the Porcupine dillema like in Neon Genesis Evangelion
Gotta love the first fights man.
I'll click on your Project wonderful ad to help you out.
@mitchellbravo: I must say your pages are beautifully colored. do you still work traditionally?