I like drawing, video games, anime, i'm a Furry, I work a dead end job washing dishes and i'm a college student studying 3-d animation?
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shits about to get real. aint it?
also do you have a patreon?
love the writing of the comic steve. will meiko ever like cuddle or kiss chris er nah?
End of updates till next season.
Hey guys. so we've hit the end of this season. thank you for staying with as long as you have. and hopefully next year will be a good one for FML-FTW. some of my viewers are also from my local area in wichita, so if You guys want to see me in person and talk to me about stuff or hang out, I'll be there in the summer time, most likely bringing my work with me.

currently college is almost done, and once I finish college, I will head for an online coding camp and then apply for web design jobs. hopefully I won't have to spend my whole life writing code. I love doing this even if it comes out of my pocket. plus some goals after that will be moving closer to my girlfriend. yes I have one of those now. It has been the result of pulling me from my work a bit. I won't let it get too bad though. as always thank you for your patronage to my site, and as the years go by I can produce more and more comics for your viewing pleasure. until next time friends. august 23, 2017
do you need help translating? love the comic btw.
GOOODDD I WANNA see em together now. do you accept fan art!?
walking to listen?
I'm curious as to how you're going to write of the sudden change of feelings.
So this page I really like for some reason even though it is simple. I decided that I was drawing her boobs incorrectly for the type of shirt Dee was wearing. they're a lot more expressive which I'm happy with. I'm working on getting the characters to be more lively. the previous pages the inking was done by my best friend, and I spent most of my time correcting his self-given "artistic license" on my work. this was in exchange for a computer for him to type on which I sold to him at a very low price in exchange for him devoting some of his time to creating my webcomic. I'll never do that ever again. the bastard still thinks it's funny too.
the camera appears to be facing the fence dead on in the last panel. are you talking about the heads. because it looks like miyasako's head is turned away from whatsername, and whatsername is staring head on at her. the shot looks fine and simple to me.
You should draw more backgrounds bruh
You're quite welcome. Keep going man. Im liking the story so far
it's cool to see an aussie's Point of view.
Is English not your main language?
November 26th, 2015
ROMI X CAELUM. no other ships :I
November 26th, 2015
LAST UPDATE for the season.
So I decided to show the uncolored version, since my colorist and I are doing Finals. I threw on some type setting and cleaned a few lines here and there.

at this point the updates will be less frequent, and we'll eventually finish in the spring with any luck. this will be the last update until further notice. I do have a facebook page
if you would like to stay updated.
or you can follow me on Twitter if you like.

Also as part of my Web Development final, I'm building a webpage to independantly host the comic. i'm going to attempt to out code Tapastic's website lol.

The next launch date should be about the same, 4th week of august. Thank you All for your support.
yup. I'll admit I intentionally wrote it that way, but now in practice i feel bad because 1 week is actually quite a stretch of time for a cliff hanger. I've waited forever when I read love hina for Urashima to get with Narusegawa. Ken Akamatsu was such a teaser... >:(

unfortunately this will be the last colored update, but I do have the next ink page which I can quickly throw on some type setting if anyone is interested. I'll be doing Finals in about 2 weeks and i've already been assigned my final project in Web design. (probably need a total of 20 hours in it.). once it's done though, it will be personally hosted by me. from then i will probably redirect you guys and people from comic fury with an optional link. maybe an alert would do.

but thank you all subscribers for joining with me; after a 3 week hiatus, The winter time will be spent finishing this season up, and then next august will be the next release date unless I change my mind. I'll keep you all posted.
I was in the zone for this comic I think too. I also colored this one myself. I'm more used to drawing dialogue than I am action scenes.

and Foster finally realizes his mistake
November 4th, 2015
I made this while I was on adderal. I had the sudden compulsion to add more details in the scene. it was truly amazing and I wished I had more. The teacher is actually inspired by my favorite math teacher in middle school.