I like drawing, video games, anime, i'm a Furry, I work a dead end job washing dishes and i'm a college student studying 3-d animation?
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oh boy. just how many presents did she get?
this girl... cute in a hospital gown? nobody looks cute in a hospital gown. Lmao. love quirky characters.
munch's parents seem pretty neurotic. i wonder what sort of stresses they deal with to make them this overwhelmed with their son's feelings
Oh boy. Daddy is already off to a rough start.
awh man. i like your design of the breathing apparatus. idunno if you saw sky crawlers but they use the same design for their pilots in the story.
interesting that they use man as a swear word. i'm curious, why man, and not god?
that got dark fast.
she had me at pizza. XD. fuck i love this.
she needs blushies in the 4th panel. and motion lines. the more you can express with your characters in a slice of life the better it can be recieved. other than that, omg. so cute.
omg. this reminds me of this one girl who would do this to me in grade school.
he'll survive somehow? this Dad seems as generic as one can get. I think this character could be perfect for a start in character development, to explore a lot of deep philosophical ideas, maybe realizing his own childish tendencies that he unwittingly passes on to his daughter.
you're welcome. I like the story.
I spent so much time toiling away at school and personal projects I never made much time for friends.
I relate.
it's funny. i've actually been in this situation with chris's brother. I wasn't a care taker per say, but. parents were gone most of the time and I would have to help my sister get to places. I noticed there was a disconnect between my life and hers, where I had taken on more responsibility, where in the past I would jokingly humor her impulsiveness, and tell her not to drink so much and smoke so much weed. she would say I'm just becoming a boring old adult and needed to stop taking life so seriously, and to some extent, it seems I have. eventually, I'd end up driving her drunk ass home, and she'd appreciate it more. but I feel like I should learn to enjoy myself more like she does.
this scene reminds me of Chihiro in spirited away.
so is your taste.
OOOH. she stood up. i wanna know what she's gunnna sayyyyy!
Np. good stuff.
whoa. pretty money.
shits about to get real. aint it?