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The next page will be epic and ready next week!
The comic restarts in two days. I hope everyone is excited as we are to continue the story. I want to thank everyone who waited while we got things sorted out. We have a lot planned, and can't wait to see what everyone thinks.
Here is a lovely Pin Up of our uncontested leader Boss Lady.If you haven't seen, we did post a story page late last week. We will be back on schedule next week. Thanks everyone for your patience as real life sometimes gets into the way of great art.
Happy One Year to Us
We are now a Year strong here at Smack Jeeves. Thanks to everyone for watching. It only gets better from here so stay tuned.
Page and a Forum
And here we are with 57! Also we just added a forum. Its my first real chance to manage one so be nice :)
Always on time
We now see our Target. Seems like a smooth customer.

Also we have updated the cast page with Teesha! Enjoy and thanks for reading
Happy New Year Everyone. Please check out our new world settings page to get an early look into the fast and dangerous world of Kerzo.
Holiday Cheer
We're in the Holiday Spirit and have decided to Give you two great pin ups for Christmas and new years and ourselves time with friends and family. But fear not! The comic will resume January 6.
I must agree. I love the design for this dress. It seems Teesha thinks this is a "less is more" situation
I prefer the yellow one myself. I want people to see me coming
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Me! I hopefully will get internet as I still don't have it.

Also I want to thank everyone who has made it this far with us. We have a lot more story to go. Enjoy the Ride!
Testing out a bit of an art style change. Please give any feedback to let us know what you think
Yeah. She gets that kind of reaction. Hayden and Teesha are my personal favorites.
Updates Fixed
The updating issue with the comic is fixed. If you normally check to see if we updated on the site last week then it showed that we missed an update. We updated it, but it didn't show. So we didn't miss an update but it looked like it. If you didn't see Teesha's entrance please go back one page. Enjoy the comic!