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Anime your manga, please. I love it all
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Soo! I'm getting more excited about the hating Gwen thing. He reminds me of Orochimaru.
I will. ^_^ I spread my hate like I spread my love.
Two weeks later...
I can't hate him. He's too gorgeous. >.,<
Tehe. Such a cheesy skull.
I don't get the joke. >.<
AH MAH GRAWD!! It's the weird dog!
*is sad because not all of the readers are ladies* No one ever appreciates the male fans.
Why is she so ugly?
That Computer!
It's so advanced looking!! XD
If there is a warning for yaoi why isn't there a warning for this heteroshit? I find it offensive and think that there should have been a warning placed in the summary to spare my eyes of this disgusting image.
July 15th, 2011
>.< I want to keep reading this, but as of late all of the seemingly cute and interesting BL manga I've read have had some sort of Heteroshit. I really don't want this to be another of them.
All of those possibilities are disgusting.
Just a thank you note for the warning about the straight sex. Now I won't have to waste my time being disgusted by it. ^_^
On what chapter does that stupid female die so I can continue reading this with out seeing it?
Yay! One less female to ruin the world!
I hate females. I hate females even more, when they keep showing up in BL manga.
Ugh. There is nothing more disgusting than a naked woman. I'd rather look at week old roadkill.
Why do there always heave to be females in yaoi manga? They ruin everything.
I have to get myself another charmander in my game and name it dragonthing now. It's gunna be the best charmander there ever was.