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I like reading comics... Don't look forward to getting one from me though... Sorry... I'm not much into writing comics. I do fics, not comics. Gomen Kudasai, but don't look forward to anything near the level of things like Feral Music or like 9-Bit Theater. I'm just too much of a procrastinator.
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I'm sure you know what those letters mean. This is hillarious! I'm serious! Keep this up!! I loved the one where Mario got the cow stuck in the warp pipe. Especially Luigi's reaction. Sorry I'm only commenting now, but I'm lazy and like to do this at updates.
I like the bold colors tooo!!!
Pretty pictures.
It's lurvely.
How right you are!!! You're welcome!! And no comic is complete without bishie villain!! (big grin)
I have managed to make the comic load again!!! So now I can catch up! Very good. I like much.
This is very pretty... comic or not. I like.
Yarn!! It is lurverly!! Keep it up, y'all. :p
Oooooh... What does this button do?
Halo... sounds like fun. Combat Stupid... It's a comic... I'll have to look that up, Blingmobile...
Mwahahahahaaaahahahaa 5or6!
Hallo. As you can probably guess by the comment title... it's me, formerly known as TheInfallibleKITTEN!!! I am now DraconicSage!! Lurrrves to the comic. Keep it up. I can't wait for Chapter 3 :P. And also... YAY, KEVAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the characters.
This is definitely worth it... near the same level as 8-Bit
It's okay, man. Yer comic's great. Worth reading over when you're late.
Yah... Okay, some of you people should total go and read 8-Bit Theater. Great stuffs there. Kinda like this, only totally different. Work that one out, eh? Anywho, it's a sprite comic. I think anyone who likes this will like 8-Bit