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Hi my name's Hina as you can see...I like drawing Anime/Manga but sadly my pen tablet broke so i have to wait for my mom to buy one this weekend? Maybe. So i only use mouse :D (for now)
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She Starts to appear a lot and is one of the helpers of Sakura (girl with pink hair)
Long hair <333 ;3
HOMAGAWSH I can't believe it!!
Yup new comic! Since I'm a lazy person.. I decided to actually put effort in this manga xD
HOOHOHO~ Oh poor hiro
3rd page.. probably better hen the others xD
this a cute club/comic ;u; yarly :3D
omaigawhsspazzamseizuremofosilurvyouguys GAHHHHHHH 10+ fans already?!EKKKKKK! i know it doesnt seem a lot to you guys but it's a lot to me!!! I mean like..FOR A 2 FIRCKEN PAGE COMIC. ;U; I just love you guys so fricken much. BEOTCH<3