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RE: Sigh
There is always that problem child in the group in the beginning. They either straighten out or wash out
Teesha being a hot head. But Sarette wasn't having it.
Happy New Year!
Well looks like Teesha boiled over with rage
Happy holidays
Hello everyone! Enjoy the holidays for those who celebrate! Chauncey was happy to show off her new outfit. New page upload next week!
Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is well. Life has still be a bit crazy but I still had to get this page out.
Mission, Accomplished!
It's been a while guys. Have a lot going on in my life. I've been sitting on this page for a while and I've finally had the time to complete it. More to come!!
Damn Jenna
Yeah, jenna feels strongly about that. With everything seemingly in motion, what will happen. Hey guys, had to do this early. Going on vacation for Labor Day weekend! =)
We finished, or we done?
Teesha realized she pushed a little too far with Jenna. But that didn't stop her from chewing out Hayden though. Favian is just glad it's over lol.
Looks like an agreement has been made and Teesha is livid. But Jenna's scary retort though....
It's been forever
Hello everyone. My apologies that the comic went cold. A lot has been going on in my life. From working my day job pretty all the time and other personal things going on. Unfortunately, I have not been able to update or anything comic related. I've barely had time to do commissions. I will not be able to update as consistently. Me and my writer have come to the conclusion is to update as much as possible, even if it's once or twice a month until I can update on a regular schedule. I've missed doing this comic. Especially, since this is my favorite arch of the series.
My Response to the Future of Phantom-Ops
Hello everyone. I hope all is well. I have gotten some messages about the future of Phantom Ops. My response to it is that I don't have much in the way of time to work on the comic anymore. I wanted to finish out the current arc and then take a break but I cannot. I work for a casino. My work schedule is very demanding of my time unfortunately. I need the money. I wish I had more time to do the comic and other art as well. But I work a lot. I wanted to push this art thing to make it my main source of income but that does not seem like that's going to happen right now. I enjoy doing art. In reality, I have to live. I have to keep my bills paid and keep the roof over my head.

The good news is, I'm moving back to Georgia finally after almost 2 years of being away. I want to pursue art and make it my main source of income ultimately. The art community in Atlanta is pretty dope and I have a way into that community. I want to push my art in a new direction because the old way isn't working. So there must be change. For those who've noticed, my rendering style has been changing. That is an example of the a direction I want to go in with my art. I have to diversify to become a better artist.

I appreciate those loyal fans that have followed the comic and showed us so much love. I miss drawing those characters as well. I hate that I am unable to continue with my favorite area of the story. I am honestly all out of ideas at the moment. My best friend and writer on the script suggested that I should update maybe twice a month or even once a month for until we get back to a regular schedule. he just wants to keep the comic alive and going still even though there is not as much time as it used to be for frequent posts. Would that be a good idea?

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all have enjoyed your New years. I know that there hasn't been a page in a while, I have a lot going on unfortunately. With work and personal things. I do have the next page drawn up from a while ago. I haven't colored it yet. With everything going on has pretty much had me burnt out. Those of you that follow me on deviantart, I still post there. One of the reasons is I feel like I need to improve as an artist for this comic. I see all these of amazing webcomics and I feel like there is something missing. Maybe I am just hard on myself about my stuff. It's just I feel like I should be further along skill wise with the style of this comic. I apologize once again everyone. I will try and at least get this next page colored up and posted.
Who knows what Hayden has in mind... Jenna and Teesha had a little more than a boss and employee relationship.
Well Geez...
Looks like the secret is out. Hayden was a Colonel in the military and the youngest ever to be promoted. He looked a little uneasy. Jenna is good!!!
Happy Halloween
Hey there folks! It has been a busy October. I've worked on logos and commissions. Alongside my day job. I had to do Teesha as Harley Quinn from the live action Suicide Squad movie. It just felt rightright. If I had more time, I would have done other characters.But next week Page 143 is coming for the big reveal about Hayden. Enjoy! your Halloween weekend!!!
Close Call
Looks like everything is cool...for now. What secret does jenna have on Hayden?
Welcome back everyone! As things were getting worse, It looks like Hayden was able to get Jenna's attention away from Teesha. What does he have up his sleeve that will get Jenna to help them?
Hey there everyone! Looks like thing's are about to go south for Teesha and the gang! Jenna doesn't look too happy...
Here's a treat
Hello there folks! Here's a treat from Teesha. Page 140 coming next Friday! Have a good weekend!
Finally Back!
Hello folks! Dry spell is finally over! Concert season is over at the day job so that frees me up a bit. It has killed me that I could not update. It was pretty rough. My schedule still sucks but it won't be as bad it was for a while.

Look like Teesha may have burnt a bridge with Jenna prior to the meeting. This does not look good for the team.