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This comic is amazing! Keep up the awesome work dude!
We'll be waiting! :)
Slay zombies!(I remember that we can eat the flesh!.....If it's in good condition.)
@Darkus the Hedgehog: Thank you very much! :)
@KirbyAwesomeGuy: I got these sprites from Spriters Resource then recolored.
So what are you talking about?
XD WTF! That's to funny!
Front flip into the air and on the way down use the sword to gracfully slice the apples out the tree, then give one to Slime as you walk off epicly into the sunset!LOL but to be serouis share an apple with Slime.
The attacks on the left are Xaiver's.
The attacks on the right are Zaiden's.
Fave! Keep up the good work.
LOOK FOR FRUIT OR ANY KIND OF FOOD BEFORE YOU DIE!!! and food for Slime can't forget Slime!
Clean the gun with the salt and thank Slime for the find.
The Pokemon entrances are amazing! Good job.
@aqua the hedgie: will do next comic
I'm Back!
I've been gone a long time because of personal problems in my life but now I'm back!
>ask it to join party
@Smugleafdoofus3 Thanks. I also spotted a typo too. It should say we've been spotted.
What was I thinking?
I made this out of boredom.
No Pokemon names?
The reason why they're names aren't over the HP bars are because it's 5 gens of Pokemon and if you still don't know what Rattata and Pidgey are! LOL!
@Sike lol or maybe he got kick out by Daisy.