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Moved here from old account. So if you think you're getting a new fan... really sorry! >o<;;;
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I didn't even see the thing by the bridge. I was too focused on the pretty birds. c:
*snickers at the first postscript*
Yay for swirly magical awesomeness? Chris, if you can do that, and you're so unhappy, why are you still there? D:
October 31st, 2012
Just found this today, and I"m loving it so far! (I also like that it isn't explicit like a lot of vampire stuff seems to be. Was kinda worried, and hoping it stays like this)

Your art is really fantastic, and the story - well, I can't wait to see what's gonna happen! :D

PS - a few pages after, but the picture of Scarrow and his budgies on your tumblr was so cute. c: (I think he'll be my favorite character in this because he had birds. :))
Ahh, glad I read the comments. Didn't know what a cuiburn was, and the "cow" looked off (if it were indeed a cow). That said, I WISH cows looked like that! :D
Yay update! No, cliffhanger! :o

Just want to say, that picture of Cold Storage is fantastic.
Honestly, I prefer Kickstarter as well. And you'd probably get more that way, especially if you went the same route Twokinds did, and offered bonuses to higher donations.

Then again, I have no money anyway, so whatever works best. I'm just happy you're sharing your work! :D
"The more views I get on that site, the more I get paid and the more likely I am to be promoted."

Oh. Well, why didn't you say so in the first place? :D
(that's so cool)
Y'know, I never did get why games have NPCs tell you to puch buttons. If you're the sort that has a good imagination, it kinda ruins the illusion. :|

And yup. That's right, Charmeleon looked so icky from the back. :<
You go George, B-button him!
But if we read there, how ever will we enjoy the always entertaining alt-texts? :D
Seriously though? That's really cool! Congratulations! ^o^
"Hmmm" indeed.

Ohh, I can't wait for the next page~!
Eh, for someone George's size, he wouldn't need too very much lower body strength. It'd be worse for her, especially since Atty's going over rocks. :P

Love how Rat's ear is still bandaged. <3
Don't worry Atty, you and DT can still be bros! ;o;

Oh George, you crack me up. xD
Dragonthing is a girl? Oops.... Sorry DT. ^^;;
Good thing they didn't fall further back, then. xD

...somehow I have the feeling everythings gonna go down from here for the characters....
Uh-oh... I have the feeling that the phrase "Poor DT" is gonna be used by everyone really soon....
Metal claw? Not likely, since H0ly stated over and over it was based on RBY game-mechanics.

....all I can think of in that second-last panel is Galaxy Quest. c:
I also really like how that panel is done.
Flunklefatfurst is an awesome name.
@pipipipi: Beautiful works to describe males! Actually, I've always thought of the legendaries as more male, even Mew and Shaymin. Cresselia and Meloetta are the only I've seen as female in nature.

Good use of Latin, by the way. It seems highly appropriate. :D
Very much looking forward to more. :DDD
I'm guessing George left, if he's being called Atticus?

Heehee, love how serious Atty's being. x3

Congrats on the new cat! ^o^